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  1. eeroyale

    Why would someone want a manual sewing machine?

    As a 100% hand-stitcher, I don't know why anyone would want a machine of any kind.
  2. eeroyale

    rivet setting dies

  3. eeroyale

    rivet setting dies

    I just bought this press for $20, but no setting dies were included. Does anyone know where dies can be purchased for a reasonable price? Everything I've been able to find come from England and they want a fortune to ship.
  4. Really nice! How did you get those stripes on the belt keepers?
  5. I've never dyed before wet molding
  6. It's a top layer stain, like Eco-Flo antique gel. I bought it because it was the only prime shipping option on Amazon, but now that I've used it, I like it better than Eco-Flo. As far as coming off on peoples clothes etc. I haven't had that problem, but it may have happened. I top coat with Resolene, so maybe that helps. I mainly make instrument straps, bags Molded pouches and have never had any problem with rub-off.
  7. eeroyale

    Some of my latest leather sculptures

    Amazing & Beautiful!
  8. I got a bottle yesterday, and I like it. Iv'e not been a fan of Feibing's antique in the past, but this vintage stuff seems good. Comparable to Eco-flo gel.
  9. eeroyale

    Sharpening ruby blade

  10. eeroyale

    Sharpening ruby blade

    Is there any way to sharpen a ruby swivel knife blade?
  11. eeroyale

    Paid business/esty programs

    Ditto to all!
  12. eeroyale

    Redfish chasing lure

    Wow! Looks great. Can't wait to see the finished product
  13. eeroyale

    Lion cub