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  1. if you become a member at Leffler it is cheaper.They do have scrap bins with various leathers including kangaroo which is perfect for watch straps and wallets etc. Strapping for belts even Sedgwick bridle . Yeah if your doing a leather Tote bag then you'll be up for a hide and that starts at around 150AUD! watch straps are great for practice and use very little leather while really challenging you
  2. Mate that is major prep work on the tools and organisation. Amazing. Combining a good set of skills too. You should head off to Leffler and Sons near Footscrazy and NSW Leather (Colingwood?)to speak to someone about leather hides. I used to live in Melbourne.
  3. I just found this video on YouTube while looking for anything about Hermes saddle stitch that shows their artisans working. I'm trying to pick up as many tips as possible. Search for.......'How is a Hermès leather strap crafted - Part 2' It clearly illustrates their use of machine and saddle stitch. My Saddle stitch is still rubbish....
  4. Very nice! Hermes uses riveted fixtures to last the test of time. Thanks for sharing that Andrew
  5. Wonderful! Nice plan on the lock too. So did you pearl the hardware firm or is it screwed tight and glued? I'll be keeping an eye out as I'm still finding money to buy tools and supplies. Cheers
  6. my favourite awl is one I found at a market that is interchangable. 2.6mm x 30mm. No Idea who made it. I have a Tandy one that is ok but I never use it.
  7. Nice bush craft from Straya!
  8. Beautifully traditional. Love the lock too, Is it British made?
  9. Hi all, I can see this thread is super old but I really liked the topic as its relevant to what I've been looking for and what I'm practicing at this minute. On a personal note I have a friend who is a Saddler for Hermes and working currently. He told me that sewing machines form an integral part to the luxury industry, specifically Saddlery and bags and leather goods in general at Hermes. However, Saddle stitch is used on all parts of a leather good or saddle that function as load bearing. On parts that do not carry a load or strain and therefore are not integral to its function will often be machine stitched. Machine stitching and finishing the stitch can be tied hand off or saddle stitched where finishing is required by hand thus combing the machine with hand finishing techniques by leaving thread to work with. I meet him a two years ago as I was finishing up in Melbourne and about to relocate to Spain. I had a small dog accessories business using machines while over time self learnt traditional leather working techniques. Saddle stitching is quite easy but beautiful and regular stitching has been a massive challenge for me!!!
  10. Alden

    Sh 1

    I'm very new and have been surfing different posts and this sewing pony is remarkable. What a shame I live in Spain now because back in 2016 I used to live in Melbourne and its fantastic to see enterprising Artisans back in Australia.
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