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  1. Cross body. Every time I post here I have to try and resize my pics, and have no clue what I'm doing so I managed to get this one pic to post sorry.
  2. Just finished this up today. Wasn't my favorite project, especially when I realized I forgot to add the straps on the front when I sewed the front and back together! (Facepalm!!) So had to break out the curved needles to get them on, BTW if anyone needs some sutures I got you! There's pockets for eights pair of shears, the 2 clip straps I mentioned, and a comb pocket in the back. Its cross body style and hangs about waist high. Thoughts comments welcome.
  3. Chux

    Makers stamp(s)

    Hi, just looking for recommendations on getting a stamp or three made. Figured I'd try asking here rather than just googling and not really knowing what I'd end up with. Not gonna lie I'm not looking to go "cheap" but I'd like to keep it inexpensive, let's face it, with things the way they are right now I need to be bringing money IN much more than putting it out. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thanks. The creative is easy, its getting it out thats hard. Imagine seeing the "idea" and it looks like Victoria Falls, but then when you get the project done...well it looks like a slow trickle from the gutter lol. Thats my problem. But thanks again
  5. Chux

    Horse Buggy Completed

  6. SO this is my second post sharing work here and this "so far" I think is the most embarrassing. I'm not the best leather worker, but dammint I used to be able to paint pretty good...seems I've gotten quite shakey as I get older.... And apparently I need to learn how to "size" pictures correctly, if anyone is willing to share with that I'd appreciate it. 5hanks for looking
  7. You wouldn't believe some of the ideas that run around in my head, lol, idk if its because I'm "bi-polar" for what its worth but once they get going it can make me NUTS!! I'll have to see if I can get someone to model it. Yeah, do not recommend
  8. Thanks. Roughly 7 1/2" w x 12" somewhere around there.
  9. Just looking to get some feedback and see what the general consensus is. I finshed this bag friday after having it kicking around in my head for quite a while. I started off with the smooth side of the leather showing on the first side but then decided i liked it better this way so I took everything apart and started over. It has a zipper closure but I didnt really like it exposed so i added the flap cover and has a simple red bandana lining inside. I don't have any "fancy" leather working tools so everything is done by hand, including cutting the fringe with scissors...not the most fun thing I've ever done to be honest. I won't lie I've been posting some of my stuff elsewhere but there doesn't seem to be much interaction when asking for feedback, so please feel free to comment. Thanks
  10. Chux

    Hi from PA

    Hi everyone, So I'm new here, obviously, I've done some creeping around in the past and what I've seen pretty much blows my mind. There are some incredibly talented people here! I'm not sure I'll come even close to what's being done here but I'll try! This is a commissioned bag I finished for an Easter gift. Its not the best thing going but im kind of ok with it. Also it was only my third time tooling leather so I feel like I have lots of room to improve. I look forward to participating in this community. Thanks for reading this!
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