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  1. I use collar stays to spread glue in small areas. I'm retired now and don't wear shirts that require collar stays, the reinforced plastic tabs that keep a shirt collar straight. I buy cheap pin vises and insert them into old, cut down file handles to hold my awl needles. I use cheap plastic For Sale, Beware of Dog, etc. signs from the Dollar Store from which to cut templates. They are big enough for most anything I make, rigid enough so they can be used repeatedly, store easily and seem to last a good long time. I glue various grades of sandpaper to wooden coffee stir sticks for sanding in tight spots like belt holes on pancake sheaths. If the sandpaper is glued up the edge too it is really useful for sanding the ends of oblongs.
  2. Hi Mandarage I'm sorry you haven't had any replies. I'm making a belt for a friend and he insists he wants it left natural so it wears and ages naturally but I'm afraid it will just get dirty and look ugly. My inclination is to oil it then put on a finish but I'd like to hear some input from someone more experienced, too. Let's hope we get some replies.
  3. Those are such excellent gifts. I wish my brother and I had something similar when we were that age, we had to stuff our stick-swords in our belts loops. Your nephews are some lucky kids.
  4. Beautiful boots. Do you have any more daughters?
  5. Beautiful work. Can you tell me what colour dye you used. I love that colour.
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