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  1. I've been doing some skiving and I know the feeling well. Been after the edge with some Arkansas stones....but I can't find my jeweler's loupe to really see what is going on with the edge. Something about looking at the edge at 60x really helps me fine tune the edge.
  2. When using a hot foil stamping machine I got the temperature wrong and made a mess of my wife's name. (On red leather) So.... I made several black "name tags" and stamped her name into those and sewed one on. I told her that she was a brand name now.
  3. Yeah.... I have learned to wear latex gloves and cover everything with garbage bags (including myself) when doing even the smallest project. I still ended up dying a spot on my new kitchen table....
  4. Yep... Some of the dumbest stuff happens at times....especially when doing commissioned work. The serial number? That's gotta hurt. Everything else had gone well up to that point...then the literally last step before putting it in a bag or box to go out the door. I hate it when that happens.
  5. Speaking of which...any guesses as to when to fill the propane tank? Some of us got 500gallon tanks to fill. It's a big bill but one that lasts all winter. Filling it in the summer is much cheaper than filling it in the winter.
  6. Done that too Done this I have not done this one yet...but I imagine it's in my future. Smallwares are the saving grace of materials....lots of things to make out of scrap leather.
  7. OUCH! That's a "change order" . I charge extra for that on top of time plus materials.
  8. Oh I know right? Everyone has a mishap...part of the price of admission. Lots of finger strength, sharp knives, permanent results from paint or dyes...stuff just seems to happen. And it happens to the best and worst of us. It's the journey, not the destination. (Although we delight in destinations too) Give us your latest "ooopppsss"
  9. Working with leather is a combination of things. The material is stiff and tough.... Materials are also expensive....sometimes difficult to obtain. The cutting tools sharp...razor sharp. The use of tools are often such that you must get it right the first time...mistakes cost time and materials to the point that you must start again.... So let's hear it....IE Don't you hate it when skiving a piece and at the ¾ point you cut through the leather....
  10. Looks great.... After it breaks in good let us know how well it wears. I make a lot of various A5 notebooks and am curious as to how this one will wear. I've thought about doing one very similar in pattern but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  11. Just pay attention to the edge geometry and the temperature of the tool while doing your grinding. If you change the angle of the edge the performance will suffer. If the tool gets too hot you can lose its temper and again the tool will dull too quickly. So keep a cup of water handy to dip it in regularly.
  12. I've successfully used feelings regular dye (not pro dye) that had been drastically diluted with neatsfoot oil. Like 3% dye and 97% neatsfoot. Dip dying then is not a viable option....where it will give a homogeneous color it turns the leather into a piece of rubber that shrinks too much to be of use. Not to mention that it continually gives off oil. A paint roller brush that overwhelms the piece you are dying is a good method...but for larger pieces you need to use a larger roller. You don't want your roller to develop dry vs excess spots. But in truth I don't understand why everyone wants machine like precision...you are making an artisan product. It's expected to have tiny "flaws" or inconsistencies because it's a hand made product. That includes the dying. Factory made crap that is mass produced and "perfect" is cheap and usually readily available for pennies on the dollar vx what you are crafting. Sure you want it to be done well...to the best of your abilities. But you are not a machine. You are in the role of a craftsman. Do well and pay attention to the finishing details that you can manage. The dye imperfections will fade and spread with time. So don't sweat them too much.
  13. I was thinking the very same solution as you tried and succeeded with. The only other thing that I was thinking about was that you probably needed to do some skiving at the top and bottom of the leather to make the transition less between the leather and wood. A longer and more angled skive would do that nicely and be more comfortable by hand feel. Not that what you have done is bad or even ugly. It would provide a more finished look to the job you did. And I really don't want someone to discount your great work because of something as trivial as the ends.
  14. Neatsfoot oil is fine... If you want a shade of color in the oil just add less than 5% of the oil volume with Fiebings REGULAR dye....not the pro dye. This will give you a nice light color once it dries so long as you don't soak it. I would just sheepskin or use a dauber or airbrush the mixture on it.
  15. I am so so sorry to hear this...I don't know what I'd do without mine. But: Watch out for those ladies bringing you casseroles to "help out". A pastor friend of mine was hounded non-stop and had to marry one just to fight them all off.
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