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  1. One last question...how are you removing the leather smell from the leather? Usually cigars stored in a leather pocket sized holder retain the leather smell (because of the chemicals used in tanning the leather) I've seen a bunch lined with wood or something else to reduce the scent of the leather.... And the retail for leather cigar cases is sweet too. (I am not interested in selling my crafts...just curious)
  2. Wet forming leather...I'm always impatient when waiting for it to dry and checking in on it to see if it has. What kind of jig/mold are you using?
  3. They're all the same...they are close in color...not really enough to make much of a difference...but it's enough that it made me pause for a second. The tooled piece dried on a wire rack for two days after tooling day and I skived it before I dyed it. It was most definitely dry. This morning after the dyeing last night they look closer...but the tooled piece still looks a half to a quarter shade darker. If the neatsfoot oil finishes drying today at some point I can begin to put the Trac gum on the inside pockets backside and pocket edges. The cover will get lined with cloth and stitched in with the pockets. (I hate that raw unfinished side in finished goods) The next one I make is for my wife (I think she is a tad jealous of her sister's journal) ...since I'll see it on a much more regular basis I need to be even more careful and practiced. I hate seeing my flaws.
  4. Now my question is why did the piece of leather I cased and tooled come out a shade darker than the others? These were all cut from the same shoulder piece...in fact touching on the shoulder...
  5. Don't sweat showing or explaining the errors...my feelings won't be hurt. The feelings I once had died decades ago...I keep them in a feelings coffin on the mantle over the fireplace. But truthfully I have had four distinctly different careers that had no relationship to each other...learning new stuff and getting it done takes time and practice to be anywhere near competent...and someone else is always going to be better at it than me...just a fact of life. I don't get my feelings hurt whatsoever when it's constructive criticism. And I noticed that if I was actually artistic instead of just following a stenciled pattern I made...it might be really addictive to do. That being said...my wife thinks it's awesome...and hopefully her sister will think the same. (It's her college graduation/Christmas present) I just got finished skiving the pockets and if all is dry tomorrow I will give all the pieces a dip in a oil/dye blend. (After I run the vacuum to get all the leather fluff from skiving....ugghhhh....I hate skiving) Oh yeah.... gotta give the edge corners a serious trim too. Then comes the lining of all the parts...
  6. And once again... Better...but I wish I could do better...but it will have to do...I got a lot of other stuff pressing me to accomplish
  7. Yeah, I learned some good lessons from that highlighted B...it was on a piece of 5oz shoulder from Brazil that Tandy had on sale. (For $40 it was cheap enough to buy and practice) the leather was just wet and tooled and eventually started getting too dry which is why the edges started looking like they did. I got a piece waiting and in cased now and waiting for me when it's ready. I also wasn't using a regular stencil...it's one I made and it gave me some clues as to how to actually make a stencil and make it look good. So later today I'll be at it again.
  8. Some improvement... gonna try this one again and see if I can get better.
  9. The tool parts come from Mexico, Canada, Pakistan, India and China...then assembled here and exported. Yes, they are crap. There are ways to get good tools but the big name brands aren't it. Now US food is top quality...if you buy the appropriate quality. USA processes a TON of various foods. Usually meat and meat products and dairy and dairy products. Now fresh produce and grains are another story. Until this year. Most of your grains are going to come from America if the rest of the EU cannot produce enough. (Usually just enough for their local area.and a bit more) Farmed Food used to come from Brazil...but they have had a severe drought. And food from India is kaput due to the shipping container shortage.
  10. Ok... Trying the resizer...but I'm kinda really bad at following directions.
  11. Ok... Trying the resizer...but I'm kinda really bad at following directions.
  12. Only Chrome tanned...as in basketball orange but other colors are available too. http://www.tntanningcompany.com/
  13. Journal Study https://imgur.com/a/J4K5sBw Ok...so here's the gallery of what I was able to accomplish for my first study of a larger journal cover I'm getting ready to make. My swivel knife work needs more practice...so does my tooling. As you look through you will see tests of dyeing, the Trac gum I used to polish the inside flaps and the embroidered upholstery cloth I used to line it. Lots of neatsfoot oil and I thinned the dye a bit. Then used satin sheen to seal it all. The gold leaf embossing was done with a cheap set of letters and my clothes iron set on "cotton".
  14. And as the Pandora Papers just revealed...this is STILL going on... except in an international level.
  15. The electronics suppliers of today weren't exactly having an original concept... AND I've been playing with cheap steel letters and my clothes iron...I set it on the cotton setting upside down using a mallet through the handle...(to keep it upside down) I then set the letters on it and just finished working out the details of gold foil embossing without using one of those expensive machines. (I also used a metal ruler to keep the spacing and it all straight) It worked pretty well. Just wear gloves so you don't burn your hands and use a lot of pressure down. All total just $20 for the letters at Tandy. They had more expensive sets but I just wanted the capital letters
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