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  1. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on a Boss today. Got every accessory they have minus the pony they sell for it. So all in with the accessories and shipping it came to $1509.00. I think I'll be pretty happy with it. I've been swinging my 1.5 lbs. mallett for years punching stitch holes so I don't see pulling that arm being much trouble. I'll just pretend I'm playing slots.
  2. I looked at the CB2500 and I just think the feed dogs are a bit too aggressive for some of the work I do. The CB3500 would more fit what I do but is way out of my price range. Plus I need lift gate service on the CB2500 which brings it to about $1700 before any accessories. Eventually I plan to go with something like the CB3500 with a servo motor but I'm not sure the 2500 is the right fit for me.
  3. That and the two zipper feet were included in the Boss package that I would have to buy extra with the cowboy. Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning more towards the Boss currently. It looked pretty bulletproof to me, hearing others confirm it helps a lot.
  4. I fully expect some arm fatigue regardless, lol. Beats the fatigue and time of hand stitching though. Hopefully some day I'll be able to get better gear. The deep throat of the outlaw is a nice plus to me. The boss has a package deal with some good accessories that the outlaw doesn't come with. Any idea how durable either of them are?
  5. So I need to be able to use #277+ thread and sew thick leather. I don't have the room and can't afford a heavy stitcher. I can afford around $1600 all in, shipping included and I currently don't have high enough demand where a hand crank is going to bother me. I do have high enough demand where hand stitching ends up costing me more money in time. So I'm wondering if either the boss or outlaw will be a good way for me to go? Anyone have any experience with either?
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