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  1. Made a couple of pocket ammo holders and a fly wallet.....first ones, ( buggered up the stud hole ) a bit rough but getting better....I think...I hope !!
  2. yuma

    Leather handles

    I've started doing a bit of leather handled tool restoration. This is my geologist pick I've had since I was 10, cleaned it up, re-pointed it and replaced the plastic spacers with brass and leather from an old pony club saddle I picked up at the re-cycle shop for $4.
  3. Thanks for the downloads Fred, always welcomed, especially anything by the god of leatherwork. Roger
  4. Thanks Rocky, impressive work !! Roger
  5. Thanks to all for their replies. Roger
  6. Showing my ignorance here, but if you don't ask, you don't find out....with the trend of leather bags with wooden ends, how is the leather attached to the wood ? is the stitching just for effect ? Second question.....When wet forming a pouch, I assume any carving or stamping is done first and then positioned accordingly in the former ? Curiously yours Roger
  7. Nice....I assume they are double thickness ? Roger
  8. yuma


    Thanks Rocky but it's a bit of a trip for me....I'm in Tassie. Roger
  9. yuma


    Doc, it's the remains of an old hide that I've probably had 30 odd years, about 1/8 thick. Its hard, stained, very dark on the outside but great for experiments. Roger
  10. yuma


    Just joined yesterday, hoping to learn stuff...here's a couple of jobs I've done recently....please feel free to critique . These were made with old pieces of leather...bit of a test run Roger
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