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  1. Ash wood custom made Leather Stitching Clamp 39” tall to 36” . Used. The best way to use a stitching clamp holding it between your legs enables you to hold it in whatever position you need without the base type dictating your position. $150
  2. Ash wood custom made Leather Stitching Clamp 39” tall to 36” . Used. The best way to use a stitching clamp holding it between your legs enables you to hold it in whatever position you need without the base type dictating your position. $150
  3. Vintage possibly Antique Saddle Fitters flocking Mallet. Used without any issues. Heavy due to the Iron Wood. Came out of a Tack repair shop nine years ago. $100.00 plus $30.00 shipping in the US International Buyers, message with Postal Code so I can get a price for shipping
  4. Custom Made Saddlers Leather Working Harness Bridle Making Stitching Clamps. Some leather dye stain on it. Used but just as strong as when they were made. Very well made in France of French Ash. 40 inches long in the picture, can adjust down 3 inches and up 3 inches. Shipping in the US would be $40.00 $180.00 plus $40.00. If the shipping ends up being less, I'll refund the difference. If its more, well I'll eat it. International Buyers, I would have to go to the post and see actual cost. Provide Postal Code so I can get the price. PayPal
  5. My leather work has taken on a different focus so these tools have not seen work in 6 years. Oh yeah I’ve picked up one or two for a hit or two since. Note the stickers on some. I’m leaving until September 22, don’t know the connection if any where I’m going. Hopefully no cell service!!! Number 36 punch is damaged and will throw it in as someone could machine it back to life. Meanwhile you can gawk, scrape up some dough and be ready to buy when I return. Heritage Skiver is also included I was going to list here in the description how I have not used it much at all, then I cut my finger cleaning it. Enough said. As I was comparing to others I noticed the adjustment screw with a brass colored base was not on it. Funny I bought this in 2006 and just noticed. I’ve used it a bit but never noticed a screw was gone. Simple replacement. I know the cost of each when new. But there may be a Leather Worker out there that would benefit from Super Quality tools at a good price. I will not be able to ship until September 25 as I’ll be out of Country. But you can secure the sale now if you act before tomorrow evening September 12th. Otherwise I’ll answer questions when I return $450.00 plus $15.00 shipping Venmo or PayPal Much obliged for looking
  6. Old post, new listing on a vintage ironwood smasher just posted https://leatherworker.net/forum/topic/106067-saddle-fitter-smasher-vintage/?tab=comments#comment-705882
  7. For Sale. Testing the waters, still haven’t found a fair price comparison. Saddle, fitters, smasher, vintage Ironwood tool very unique. Most of them these days are made out of other materials. Located in Western North Carolina. HEAVY : this isn’t some door knob light weight job several pictures available
  8. http://www.ebay.com/itm/132277129867?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 UPDATED
  9. This is probably the best draw gauge your going to find anywhere. Excellent working condition, very, very good cosmetically. C.S. Osborne Latte Draw Gauge. I your not familiar with "Latte", it means you can twiste the handle to move the gauge location without a screw driver. Beautiful tool that people were drawn to when they came in my shop. RARE?? YES $150.00 pluse $20.00 shipping Pay Pal or being a business I can take credit cards.
  10. I'm not sure what you mean by fresh water alligator but that's Camian. I know because that is what my wallet is made of and I have an American Alligator tail piece that just came in.
  11. Thought I'd throw an update to all that have been great with their advice. Been in business since February and it has taken off more than I had expected. First month 80% sales off the sales then it has turned mainly custom orders including repairs to expensive furniture that require leather only (forget the upholstery stuff) Social media has worked well. With Instagram getting most of the business. I've been featured in a local magazine http://oakcityhustle.com/clark-aflague-the-leather-man/ Of course they had to call it the leather man...... There's a renaissance period going on with people looking toward artisans and not stuff from across the waters that set borders.
  12. All my work in my shop/store has been making the item either custom or to put on the shelf. So I've been approached with a person looking for a quote on Veg Tan pieces that would cost me precut from one of the leather sources at $200.00. The only thing I have to do is put 6 holes in each (40) and use there stamp one time on each one. I could just simply double the cost and add $60.00 labor But I want to be inline and fair. Any thoughts Thanks I've been doing leather for decades but a brick and mortar store only since Feb this year
  13. I've been pretty good about identifying different leathers but I'm not sure about this one. Any idea's, Hippo? Www.cimarronleatherraleigh.com
  14. Thanks to everyone. Opening First week of February.
  15. I can do some hard projects but cell phone cases, well its always been hard to please the customer. But yours would do the trick.
  16. very nice idea, I guess I'll steal it thanks. Copying is the best compliment.
  17. lots of great informationof course right now I'm really busy trying to figure it all out but I wanted to let all of you know that I am taking your advice and running with it the best I can I do appreciate everyone ideas
  18. thanks Ramrod and Ambassador. Some of the mentioned I had thought about but seeing it and other info written out, helps. Helps as well coming from another view point. I like the advertisement suggestions. I also got some advice not to consign therefore eliminating the hassle with several people. I'm all for that but I'm thinking more of start up inventory, and cut back on consignment as I grow my inventory. Ramrod, this is the east coast and although I'm from the West and prefer the full blown tooled look, I'll have to be more contemporary for the city folk. Ladies bags as well as men, Harley Davidson custom orders....big bike shop nearby. Its early and I have to get to the barn...65 horses. More later
  19. well I hate brick but a store is the idea. Like a lot of people on this forum, we would like to have our own store that the public can walk into. My start was in a place that no one could come to unless they had a job lined up first, Antarctica but that's another story. So I have the opportunity for a downtown space with cheap rent. The idea is to do a leather studio out of it but for inventory and opportunity for others, consignment. I have consigned pieces at shops before but I'm looking for input for those of you that make leather goods and sell only on places like etsy and ebay. If you had the opportunity to sell at a local dedicated leather store, would you and what would you expect in percentage in return?. I can open up any day with a commitment date of the first of February. I'm thinking of opening up to local artist but if its feasible I'd open up for others. Shipping the items to me would be another cost but drop shipment from anyone in the US maybe a great way. Thoughts? Working studio Items for sale Custom orders maybe some Native American Silver in the shop class for young folks small place low rent in a very, very nice part of town.
  20. If I can sell my Winchester 94 Bicentennial NIB unshot I'll look you up as I'm in need of one.
  21. Like the buckle, may want to use an end punch on the strap, I've been using my 1 1/2 inch end punch lately after using a pair of scissors or knife, cleaner look. Looking good here.
  22. Sam Brown buttons are real SWELL.
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