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  1. You have a unique eye when it comes to stamps and their use. You "see" what many others don't see and that is one of the things that make a great leather crafter. These designs are quite beautiful and make the entire job very unique. Well done, and thank you for showing them. Bud r de
  2. I haven't a clue how to edit this ad so I'll do it this way. LAST CHANCE OFFER BEFORE I REMOVE IT AFTER THE WEEKEND. With regard to the above offer. FINAL: EVERYTHING IN THE ABOVE OFFER....... $90. PLUS MAILING.
  3. Hello Everyone; Well, it's been a while since I posted here but here I am again for a minute or two. As some of you already know, I've had to give up my lifelong hobby as a leather crafter due to some not so kind words from my doctors. I can no longer use my hands well enough to work the leather and I'm confined to a wheelchair most of the time now anyway. Which of course brings me to the subject matter. I have for sale a large lot of Leather working books and patterns. Here's a quick list with the retail cost of them now and what I'd like out of them. This would be a tremendously good deal for anyone just starting out and even those that could use a lot of patterns. Here goes...... Lucky * Belt Book, Retail $8.40 Your price $5.00 LARGE PATTERN BOOKS How To Make Holsters Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Ken Griffith's Scrap Book Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 How To Carve Leather Retail, $16.80 Your price $9.00 Tech Tips, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Total............................................... $41.00 -------------------------------------------------------- Hand Sewing Leather, Retail $9.99 Your price $4.00 Just Tooling Around, Retail $4.99 Your price $2.00 Projects and Designs, Retail $12.60 Your price $7.00 Lacing & Stitching, Retail $4.80 Your price $2.00 Total............................................. $15.00 -------------------------------------------------------- Hollywood West - PATTERNS By Will Ghormley Saddlebag Patterns PAK Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Black Canyon Holster Rig, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Cartridge Belts, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 El dorado Rig, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Jesse James' Rig, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Flames Of Hell Rig, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Johnny Ringo Rig, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 310 To Yuma Hand of God Rig, Retail $16.80 Your price $9.00 Total.......................................Retail $151.20 Your price $72.00 ---------------------------------------------------------- CRAFTAID PLASTIC TEMPLATES - Press Onto Leather and carve away 10 pcs 4" X 10" Billford, 2110, Billfold 2910, Billfold 4010, 4040, 4020, 2240, 4030 Florals, 5000 Wee Animals, 5001 Alphabet, 3/4" Alphabet 1/2" 72660 Alphabet 1/2", 72690 Alphabet, 3/4" 72540 Sorry, but I forgot to take photos of these templates. They are 8 1/2" X 11" Total cost to you $5.00 ---------------------------------------------- MORE CRAFTAID PLASTIC TEMPLATES - Press Onto Leather and carve away Alphabet - No. 72707 Retail about $8.00 Your price $4.00 Old English Alphabet - No. 72708 Retail about $8.00 Your price $4.00 Corner Designs No. 76560-00 Retail $8.00 Your price $4.00 Assorted Corners, No 72071 Retail, $8.00 Your price $4.00 Floral Corners No 76617 Retail $8.00 Your price $4.00 Floral Belt No. 76539 Retail $8.00 Your price $4.00 Floral Belts #2 1 1/2" - 1 3/4" - 2" No. 76623 Retail $8.00 Your price $4.00 Total cost Retail $28.00 Your price $10.00 The actual retail price on all this material is over $250.00 ACTUAL TOTAL COST TO YOU FOR EVERYTHING: $140.00 At this price I would ask you to pay the mailing costs or you can pick them up if close enough to Lindsay, Ontario Please email me at bmelless@grizart.com if you are interested in these items. It really is a good bargain for just about anyone who would like to do better leatherwork. I learned a great deal from this material over the years but sadly, it's of no more use to me now. If you're into leather work, then these items will help you tremendously. Bud M.
  4. I am in Lindsay, Ontario


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    2. Matchlock


      Yes, everything is still available but I do have two gentlemen looking at taking it.

      First on that says I'll take it all get the entire package for $3,700.00

      There's over $6,000. worth of leather, leather tools, leather stamping tools, general tools and then there's all the hardware such as fasteners, conchos etc. The usual stuff that goes with the trade.

      Thank you for asking.



    3. steadybrook


      Do you have an inventory of what is for sale?

    4. Matchlock


      Hi everyone;


      In an effort to answer all your questions at once, the Cobra Class 4 machine has been sold. Thank you all very much for your consideration of this matter and I appreciate all your comments and questions, thank you.




  5. Thank you very much for the kind wishes regarding my health.


    Most appreciated.



  6. A little while ago I listed a Cobra Class 4 Machine for sale but because of health issues and some other matters, I didn't sell it at that time. I have gone over what I have here in my workshop and have determined what's there and what is to be sold. I can no longer use any of it so it is now going up for sale along with all the rest of the items I have in the shop. After many days of looking through catalogues I have determined that the leatherworking tools and materials that I have are worth in excess of $6,000. There are rolls of leather in different weights as I made gun belts, holsters and a lot of other western type gear as well as a lot of hardware such as buckles of all types and sizes. A large number of conchos are left as well as many types of leather fasteners are also for sale. Unfortunately I cannot upload very many photos here but would be happy to send serious buyers any photos of all the extras. There are rolls of leather that didn't get uploaded also. I am asking $3,700. for the Cobra Class 4 Machine and all the extras I have here. It will be a long time before you'll need to buy supplies if you avail yourself of this terrific offer. I will accept reasonable offers. If you would like to make a reasonable offer, or as a question, please feel free to do so. I can be reached at bmelless@grizart.com or by telephone at 705 328-3353 edit: located in Lindsay, Ontario.
  7. Hi

    is the cobra class 4 sewing machine sold. I am also interested in the Tillman boss bobbins if they are still available 


    1. Matchlock


      Sorry, it's not being sold in parts. All goes together.

  8. I have a Cobra Class 4 machine for sale. I can no longer work due to heavy arthritis in my hands. I also have leather, tools, and other equipment I have to sell. I am in Ontario, Canada about 80 miles north east of Toronto.
  9. Hey Tommy; I like to begin stitching in an unobtrusive place such as the buckle end, That way, if you're stitching with a machine, the few stitches you do to lock them in isn't seen. If you're stitching by hand which it appears you are then I would start there anyway. Cut your thread about six times longer than the belt and you should be good to go. You should should use what is called a "pricking" punch to mark the stitch holes but not to punch the holes, this is done with your awl when actually sewing. push your needle through the first hole and pull them up so they're even at the ends (same length on both sides of the belt). Now, start stitching by pushing your awl into the leather first, then push your left needle through first, then the right needle through the same hole, left needle into the next hole you make with your awl, and then the right needle and on and on you go until you've done the entire belt. When you get to the end just do a couple of back stitches to lock the stitches and that's all there is to it. There are some exceptional write-ups on the web on how to do the saddle stitch properly and I would highly recommend that if you're really serious about sewing leather properly, then reading some of this material is a real plus. One gentleman that comes to mind on YouTube for example is Nigel Armitage. He's an English craftsman who does some incredibly fine leatherwork and he has some video tutorials on how to saddle stitch properly. His videos are easy to understand, and very concise. I recommend him highly. I hope this information is useful to you Tommy, and good luck with your belt. It would be nice to know how you made out when you're finished and perhaps you will provide a photo or two of the finished belt. Bud
  10. Skipping a stitch on a corner could be a user error. When turning say, a 90 degree corner, I always stop the machine at the turning point with the needle all the way down into the material. Now, just before it starts to come back out, lift the presser foot and turn the material 90 degrees and start sewing again. Doing it that way will likely result in no skipped stitches. I use a Cobra Class 4 machine ad that process works for me every time. I hope that helps. Bud
  11. Hello; I have seven (7) Tippman Boss bobbins for sale. Three of these bobbins come already loaded with white thread #277 Two of them are loaded with White thread #277 and Two of them are loaded with Black thread #277 You can either use the thread or toss it, whatever you like. All seven (7) bobbins for $20.00 plus whatever the shipping is in a small padded Manila envelope. Please PM me if interested. Thanks for looking Bud
  12. Hi; DO NOT use the LUbe Pot if you are sewing leather. The Lube Pot for the Tippmann Boss is for use on items such as rubber, and some other "grab-the-needle" fabrics. Once again, DO NOT use lube of any kind when sewing leather with a Tippmann Boss machine. I had a Boss so I do know a little bout them. heck with them if you want but I tell you the truth. Bud
  13. Thank you Karina, I didn't know that he was a member here. I appreciate you telling me that. Thank you. Bud
  14. I get mine from a terrific fellow who sells on eBay. He goes out of his way to help you build exactly what you want and the price is just unbeatable at $25.00 I've been using a Delrin stamp for approximately two years now and the impressions are still very sharp and clear. I use a small (one ton) arbor press to do my makers mark stamp and it always works beautifully. The stamp makers name on eBay is nexus123 or just type in the eBay search engine, "delrin stamp" or "leather stamp" and you'll find him. I hope this helps some of you get started with your new makers stamp. Bud
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