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  1. Hi my friend I'm currently looking to get a skiving machine and can't decide between a cobra np10 or the techsew sk5 . I believe a cobra is a nippy brand and the sk5 is a global brand. I read all the posts on skiving machines. I live on the east coast .Dabbling in leather work , light stuff, but will like to do heavy work also. Currently using Lisa sorrel knives.  I have a techsew 2700 sewing machine . And will get heavy sewing machine in future. Thanks reason I don't post and ask questions in forum is due to trolls etc. thanks again 

    1. Ferg


      Those two skivers or practically identical except some times one is higher priced than the other.

      Personally, I believe we should learn to skive by hand with a good skiving knife, I use a small round knife that is maddeningly sharp. Like that word?  lol

      The Fortuna is the machine that most clones are copies of. It is terribly expensive and only seldom does a used one come up for sale.

      If I can help further just let me know.


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