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  1. That looks like a Duane Ballard piece. He is a super cool dude just email him and ask. I would be surprised if he did not answer you.
  2. Here are two Shield holsters made from your pattern I did the second one has a crimson trace light/laser combo on it.
  3. Anyone do a Glock 43 avenger? Need to make a IWB for a 43. Thanks
  4. Yeah I was pretty dumbfounded. I hope the customer doesn't come back and say it has screwed up his holster.
  5. I work full time at a local gun shop who also sell some of my product. I recently did a custom job for a S&W Shield with a crimson trace light laser combo. After I formed the holster the owner of the gun shop came out of the back and tells my client the he needs to put his shield in a bag jam it in the holster smother it in saddle soap and put it on the heat register over night and it will form to his shield. I had never heard of doing this before. I would love to hear some input on this.
  6. After seeing a video that Bruce Cheaney was doing on an hatchet sheath I noticed he had made a glue pot from a pickle jar. I emailed Mr. Cheaney and he gave me some advice on how to make one. The first couple of items needed are a bag of tortilla chips and some salsa. After finishing the little snack rinse out the salsa bottle. I used a cheap set of step less uni-bits from Harbor freight and drilled a hole in the center of the lid to fit the diameter of the cheap paint brush I got at the local art supply store. Once I was satisfied with the fit of the paint brush in the lid I used some loctite two part epoxy putty to secure it top and bottom to the lid. I got the 15 minute epoxy but I let it set up over night to insure it cured completely. Once I was sure it was secured I used some upholstery leather and contact cement on the top. I think this was unnecessary to be honest. I have been using this for a little over two weeks now and it is fantastic. I can't believe I didn't think of this earlier.
  7. We had another Officer pass away yesterday (11/23/16) I have started a campaign called #holsterdforheros I did this quick UHP Holster and donated to UHPA. I just got word that they are going to donate Trooper Ellsworths duty weapon and the holster to the family.
  8. For those that are interested I sent Tipp Mann an email and they called me later that day. They had me take the bobbin shuttle out of my machine and check the screw that holds the spring in. once that was tight Ben told me to bend the prong back out just a little and bingo bang that worked.
  9. Lately it's has been doing it with all the thread I have including the white 277 I got when I bought my machine
  10. On November 6th we had a very young police officer killed here in Utah. The officer left behind his parents several siblings and a fiance. This one hit home because this is the department my Dad retired from so I made this holster and it will be auctioned off and all proceeds will be donated to the 1033 foundation.
  11. I have had my Boss for about year now and I mostly stitch with white 277. Occasionally I need to change to a different color and have a specific bobbin Thathe I only wind half full of of whatever color I need to use. Well yesterday I filled it with black to do a holster and was 75% done with it and I could not get the bobbin to stay in the machine on the down stroke. This is the second or third time his has happened. Anyone else have this problem?
  12. Are you looking to buy one? Or are you looking for a pattern to make your own?
  13. Second comment down he added his pattern for free download.
  14. Even with he long 18 inch barrel it wasn't bad to manuvear around.
  15. So a couple of years ago I made this shotgun zombie rig for a local gentleman. Well about a week ago I got a call from another guy who has one of the Super Serbu shotgun and wanted a holster like the one I made years ago. Here is the new and improved version. I almost have the customer talked into a matching ammo slide.
  16. Not sure I called and only asked about the NAA-MS Model. I would call and ask them what models you can get.
  17. for those that are interested if you call NAA and tell them that your a holster maker they will send you a dummy gun for free.
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