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  1. You might get better response in the holster sub forum.
  2. No I used a rag wrapped around a wood block. I am just north of SLC in Bountiful
  3. Not really sure where to put this. I have to young kids a 2 year old and a 5 year old. They have both started wanting to sit on my lap and help with "holsters" (they think everything I make is a holster). Anyway this got me thinking. Other thank key chains is there any other projects that I could do with my kids? Any ideas or suggestions would be awesome. Thanks
  4. Had a Co worker order this set for her boyfriends Remington R1 1911 Not my style but it came out looking better then I had imagined.
  5. It turned out okay. I made a prototype and gave it to my dad he really liked. I am going to make some modifications to it. I will snap a picture next time I see him
  6. If any are interested Tested did a DL-44 build o. There one day build series with Adam Savage. It was worth the watch if you ask me.
  7. Thanks I was going to get a bellie but was afraid it would streach to much.
  8. What is the best cut of leather for a belt?
  9. Wow...really its not your gun so you don't need to be rude about a persons choice of what they carry. As far as I am concerned you could carry a hi point or a raven 25 auto as long as you are exercising your 2A rights. Its up to you if you want to be an internet outlaw and belittle other people but I think its uncapped for.
  10. I am looking for a Sig P238 with crimson trace laser if anyone has one
  11. Somehow I got my presser foot stuck in the up postion. Can anyone assist me in getting this fixed safely? Thanks
  12. Based off your picture it looks a lot like the AL Stohlman shoulder rig that has been modified. It looks like the strap that holds the Mac 10 in place has some snaps attached to the gun itself. I could be wrong but that is what it looks like. I googled the length of a Mac 10 and with the stock folded/collapsed it is approximately 10.5 inches. Based on your picture I measured the Mac 10 and it is about an inch on my phone. I then measured the strap holding the Mac 10 and it is roughly the same size as the fire arm. I would say a strap 10 to 10.5 would be a good starting point.this project would be difficult to do without the firearm but it is do able. Good luck
  13. Will your Glock avenger pattern work with the G22/23 or even the G21/30?
  14. This is how I would tackle your project. First I would get the metal fabrication all figured out first before trying anything with leather. I would find a local welding shop or technical school that has a welding program and see if someone there could help with the metal fab portion. Once the metal fab is complete that is when I would start with the foam from a craft store and make all your patterns and get a working prototype built before ever cutting in to leather. There is no worse feeling then thinking you are on the right path just to find out you lost time and material.
  15. Just for clarification is she worried her rounds will fall out of her speed loaders or her speed loaders will fall out of the carrier? If she is worried about her rounds falling out of her speed loader then she is either not getting the round seated in the loader correctly or she has the wrong loader.
  16. A Local LEO has asked if I can do a SOB for a Glock 30. This is not a big deal just want to make sure other then having the grip facing up if there is any other safety concerns to take in to consideration
  17. How are you going about making the pattern? If I was going tonmake one I would wet mold around the speed loader and ammo.
  18. Have you considered getting a cheap set of ebay and using that as your pattern?
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