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  1. I am at my wits end! I have been trouble shooting my machine for several days. I had it working perfect I then changed to a full bobbin to stitch a belt and can't get it to work right. It wants to skip stitches and in the moments that it is working the length of stitch is not consistent. I have changed the needle as well as oiled everything. I have called Tipp man in the past but never hear back from them. Can any one help. I am using 277 with a 200 needle.
  2. Thanks to Colt Hammer less I was able to get this 1911 crossdraw done for a customers father. I wore for a day or two and found it to be very comfortable.
  3. Why don't you just put velcro on it?
  4. Anyone have a supplier for watch strap buckles?
  5. Made this little rig for my Dad's 36 caliber blackpowder pocket revolver.
  6. Jimmy Diresta uses a bandsaw to make his leather sheath at the end of this video. https://youtu.be/4zriI7q30ck
  7. Yes there are several free patterns offered in the pattern section of the forum. Tandy also has several pattern packs available
  8. https://youtu.be/WOpeWQ-UEW4 http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=27983&hl=%2Bquick+%2Bdraw+%2Bknife This should give you the basic idea tboyce
  9. You might get a better response in the pattern sub forum or the holster/knife sheath forum
  10. If it is a newer car you ca b just buy a replacement seat cover. The biggest problem you will have is removing/replacing the hog rings on the bottom of the seat.
  11. I see Smith has the airweight listed as a J frame on there website. Just making sure it will work in a pattern for a chefs special.
  12. Man this is what I love about this forum. I am never disappointed in the information I get. Thanks for the great reference and inspiration ideas.
  13. Does/has anyone made an avenger cross draw they can post pictures of? Thanks
  14. [. Bnk (ll B,' b'b nn b b hoIjmm , quote name=SLP" post="436929" timestamp="1448723739] Thanks Mike. I agree. The holster is anything but pragmatic. The design does not seem to have been well thought out. Besides the lack of space for a decent firing grip, the way they have the retention strap connect to the less than adequate belt loop really bums me out. However, I'm not out of leather, and I have the tools to create another and another. If I don't try to create my own pattern I may borrow one of JLS Leather's. At first I was really bummed about how the retention strap was pointed as if is should go over the grip safety (not evan a usable design for a 1911, ugh), but I just got it wet and helped it go elswhere. It's not pretty, but it'll do the job. I'll just make another holster and move on. I really do appreciate the feedback Mike. Thanks again.
  15. This is one I just finished for a artist friend.
  16. I made this SAP for an Artist buddy of mine for his studio. I know there has been discussion section on SAP's on LW before but this is more of an art piece/paper weight.
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