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  1. Does anyone have any photos or diagrams describing this process?
  2. Randy thanks so much for your reply. This is really interesting. I got your message and i'll be sending you the names of my kin who had the saddles and I would love to know if there was any mention of them in the book. My great, great grandfather came to the panhandle area in the early 1900's and settled between silverton and quitaque in the canyon. We still own part of the original ranch, though a lot was lost due to drought and other ailments of the American rancher. One of my best friends worked also worked on the Matador and I have spent some time on the ranch, not much, but some. History intrigues me very much and when history, leather, and cowboyin' intertwines, it's even better.
  3. The next one will definitely have more meat around the belt slots and rounded points. Thanks for the comments. Mike, I read your posts all the time and it seems you have been doing this for a long time. I am looking to build myself a duty holster, any tips or suggestions? Ever done any duty leather before?
  4. This is a knife sheath I just finished for a friend. All comments and critiques are welcome. What do ya'll think?
  5. Does anyone know anything about H.H. Schweitzer saddles out of Matador Texas? I have two saddles inherited from my great great grandfather and great grandfather. I know one was made for my great great grandfather, and don't know where the other one came from. I posted a few pictures, they aren't the best, but at least you can see what I'm talking about. If anyone has any info on the maker I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Thanks. My customer was very happy with it. I thought it turned out well.
  7. Rifle sling built out of 10/11 Herman Oak. Antiqued with fiebings dark brown antique. Finished with tab kote. All comments are welcome, good or bad.
  8. Very nice. Do you just cut the nylon noseband put of a regular halter to attach it?
  9. This one isn't out of the shop yet but it's for my brother in law so ill know if it doesn't hold up. I've built a few like this and haven't had any problems though because I build them to the specific knife and I make em tight. And I always enjoy meeting people who appreciate/build custom leatherwork so just holler at me.
  10. Horizontal knife sheath I just finished. I'm always learning so any and all comments are welcome.
  11. Thanks for the info. Would you suggest using oil dye or acrylic for the red?
  12. Ok need some help folks. I'm making a guitar strap and the finish is red and black. It has tooled borders and stamped letters. The letters and border are gonna be red and the rest black. I have not had much experience with dyes so I need some advice before I take off and ruin it. I'm using feibings oil black dye and feibings red acrylic dye. Should I paint the red onto the letters and border first, then resist it with clear lac, then use a wool dauber to apply the black dye? This seems to be the way to go in my head but I've never used clear lac before so I wanted to ask someone with experience first. Is these the proper steps or am I completely off? Also will the clear lac resist the oil dye enough to not bleed into the letters? Any advice at all will be helpful. Thanks.
  13. Hey thanks for the info. They didn't have it but I'm always looking for new sources.
  14. I'm new here and I guess I posted this in the wrong section the other day. I'm looking for some pink and black, zebra print, hair on cowhide. I've looked all over the internet and the couple of leather supply shops around here and can't seem to find any. Does anyone know where I might be able to come up with some?? Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. Hey folks, I have a customer that wants a dog collar with pink and black zebra hair on hide. I haven't been able to find any anywhere. Does anyone have any ideas where to get some of this stuff?? I really don't want to buy a whold hide, just enough to get this made.
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