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  1. Buckle Guy has some nice hardware. The best I have found for the price point. I can't comment on his rivets but I mainly use his products for my belts (buckles and chicago screws) and my shoulder holsters and drop leg holsters(double sliders and D-rings). If the quality is the same on the hardware he carries, you will be very happy with the rivets.
  2. Glockanator~ You find a SIG P238 mold? Contact me and I can get one in the mail for you.
  3. BHPshooter~ You get a SIG P229R yet. I can drop one in the mail for you. Contact me with your address.
  4. SLP~ Here is a thumb break holster I just finished up last week. I place the thumb break stiffener between the backside of the holster and a leather reinforcement piece. I also find this is a much cleaner look and alleviated the need to rivet the thumb stiffener to the back of the holster. Just find your snap point and glue. It does take some practice to get the height of the thumb break set. I hope this helps.
  5. I talked to them 2 years ago and I was able to order 100. I will be calling them on Monday to place another order. I will keep you updated on what they say.
  6. Try J.R.M. Products out of New Jersey. Great people to deal with. I ordered 100 of the 175.04c black phosphate on my last order at around 15 cents a piece. Very high quality. That reminds me that I need to place another order soon.
  7. I started off a little over 3-1/2" years ago selling on gun board forums such as sigforum.com, glocktalk.com, 1911forum.com and HKpro.com to build up a reputation and get feedback as a holster maker. What was really important for me was to talk to members on those forums and see and hear what they liked and didn't like on a particular design of mine. I was already members on those forums for years before I got into holster making so it was pretty easy to sell a holster or 2 a week on those forums. It was just a hobby at the time so I really didn't want a website. Once I decided to go full time holster making I started up my own website and online store.
  8. I typically go a little thicker on the outside. I feel it hides the profile of the firearm a little better. The exterior I use around 9 oz. The interior I usually go around 7 oz. I just finished this pocket holster for a Sig Sauer P938. The black shark was around 4.5oz and I backed it with grade A 5 oz Hermann Oak veg tan. Giving me a total of 9.5 oz on the exterior.The interior was grade A 7 oz. Hermann Oak veg tan.
  9. E-mail sent Jeff. Good luck and enjoy those grandchildren!
  10. 25b Can you post a link here in the thread so I can also find out what company sells longer post caps and eyelets?
  11. Thanks for the response Wizcrafts. I will give the suggestions a shot this week and see if I can locate the noise.
  12. I have had my Cobra Class 4 stitching machine since late spring and love it. The issue lately has been the machine now has a really loud squeak. The last couple weeks it was a light squeak now it is really loud and annoying. It seems to be internal and only when the needle is halfway in its down stoke. I took off the face plate and tried to oil areas that I never oiled before with no joy. I have been oiling the machine every 12 hours of use since I bought it. Maybe I am not oiling in the correct areas? Anyone have this issue before?
  13. Thanks Joe. If I can't find a stamp that fits my needs by the time my customers order is due I may give that a try.
  14. Looking for a fish scale stamp to match the slide serrations on a customers Smith and Wesson 1911 E series pistol. I usually don't do any stamping but wanted to give it a go on this holster. Having a hell of a time finding one to match.
  15. **Sold pending receipt of funds**
  16. Price drop to $1050.00 shipped
  17. I have n aluminum cast Tippmann Boss in excellent condition up for sale. I have upgraded to a Cobra Class 4 and no longer have a need for the Boss. Comes with the following extras: 10 bobbins standard presser foot left presser foot 27- size 200 and 250 chisel and round point needles original box 1/5 spool of black 277 thread Misc. springs,bolts and snap rings I bought extra in case of breakage drill bobbin winder LED Light I am looking for $1150.00 plus shipping. You can pick it up in Medina, Ohio if so inclined. Contact me at kevin@nightingaleleather.com
  18. Malabar that is horsehide I purchased directly from Horweens Tannery Row. I contacted John but the man is really hard to get a hold of. The holster is dyed with Fiebings Dark Brown Professional oil dye. I believe I put 2 coats on using an Iwata Eclipse sprayer. The finish is Fiebings Acrylic Resolene cut 50/50 with H2O and applied using a sponge brush. I used to use an Iwata sprayer but I now prefer to apply my acrylic using a sponge brush. I like the finished look much better. I only use my Iwata sprayer to apply dyes now. The thing about horsehide is it sucks up a ton of acrylic compared to cowhide and it is really hard to get an even finish throughout the holster. This example has 5 coats of acrylic and a final wax, after 72 hours of drying, of Angulus #400 neutral wax to get a nice matte luster to it. For cowhide I usually only use 1-2 coats of acrylic. Here are a few more pictures. I really loved this holster and hated to send it off to its new owner Here is another example of the same process using Horweens russet horse butts. I believe I ordered about 50 lbs of horse strips and received about 42 strips. About 8 of those strips I couldn't even use. Really poor hides. The rest I thought was average at best. I had 3-4 hides that had fantastic marbling. Below is an example. Over all horsehide is nice to work with but the quality of hides I received are average at best.
  19. I purchased some tan 5-6 oz Chromexcel leather a few months back. The leather is outstanding. I made a few belts backed with 6 oz veg tanned leather and they are fantastic. I would be interested in some black or dark brown 5-6 oz chromexcel that is around 46" in length. I will keep an eye on your items.
  20. Here is what I have been use Uline Strapping. I believe Malabar recommended it to me 2 years ago . Thanks again Malabar. I also use JRM Clips reinforcing thumb breaks. #175.04c black phosphate. I like the look and it gives me the 3 holes I prefer on my reinforcement piece.
  21. Cobra Steve I will be giving you a call this week. I am am leaning towards the Cobra class 4-P.
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