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  1. I use different manufacturers bellies. I got a circular clicker die and I cut circles, moisten them (do not soak) and stretch them on a mold of my own making, where they dry. They usually become the ends of bottoms of small bags. Saves a wicked amount of time with the die and money with the leather. Only drawback is buying direct you need to (usually) buy a lot, and then shipping might kill you.
  2. Adler H-Type 969 pure/eco/classic takes system 794 (standard) or system 1000H.
  3. Last time I looked they're not where they used to be unless they're still there and there's a different name on the building.
  4. W&C appear to be temperamental. If you got them on a good day they might have said "sure thing!" The reason why they might not is because belly is stretchier, and its removed from the bends and shoulders before the final finishings.
  5. I recently (within the last month) bought 10 horse butt strips direct from Tannery Row, with extortionate shipping. For what it weighed, from Chicago to where I am, that weight cost $28 UPS ground. I paid additional $69 shipping for $28 worth of shipping. Now, at the same time I also bought 20 "narrow, hard" strips from Maverick, I got a great discount for buying so many, super shipping, and comparing them to what I got from TR, they average the same width and length and thickness wise, and are in much better shape. One of the strips I got from TR is splitting/cracking like cardboard. My advice: Ignore the tannery row. Get your leather elsewhere. Even Wicket & Craig have something on their site about using polyurethane in the finish? Ha!
  6. Hello Matt,

    My name is Craig McLeod I am the Account Manager for Global Die in Auburn, Me

    We specialize in clicker dies, Mallet hand punches, and milled machine dies.

    Also we carry an array of various tubes and punches


    my contact information is quotes@globaldie.com or you can call my office Mon-Fri 7:30AM - 4:00PM


    Thanks Matt


    Craig McLeod

    Account Manager

    Global Die




  7. Hello Matty.

    All of the clicker and mallet dies have been sold. Plenty of hardware, belt buckles, finishing products, stains and some dye remain. Have more to look through but those are the items I recall seeing last visit to shop.

    Thanks for expressing an interest.

    God Bless.


    1. Matty


      Sorry, I was about a month late.   I should log in more frequently. Please let me know what else you might have.  I am always interested in dies and hardware.



    2. raysouth


      Hello Matty,

      Take a look around my listings in several for sale categories and there may be something there you could use.

      Plenty of finishing products available, belt buckles, conditioners, and more. I seem to forget what is left and have to get to the shop to check the remaining items myself. Hope to be able to get there today and will look around and certainly tell you what I find.

      I believe that there is also a large lot of belt blanks there as well, in all different widths, some pre-edged and others raw.

      Many accessories or decorative hardware still in shop and hope to get around to taking some pics soon.

      Thank you for responding and expressing an interest.

      God Bless.


  8. The beveller I have is a #4 and it has a groove on both top and bottom sides. How do I sharpen that? Oh wait. a strip of leatha with some rouge applied, right????
  9. Matty

    Leather On Ebay

    Practice with some vinyl. Check out this place: http://www.fabricdirect.com/acatalog/solid-vinyl-II-black.html They're selling "Vinyl II" (not quite sure exactly what the "II" is for) for $3.99 / yd. The stuff is 54" wide, BUT you have to buy a whole 50yd roll, and at 32oz to the yard (that's 32oz WEIGHT, which I believe is sort of equal to 3-4oz leather THICKNESS??? Sorry if that's not totally correct) that roll is going to weigh about 100lbs and cost about $200, not including shipping and the cost of 100lbs shipping is going to be considerable. But, when you think about it, you could easily spend $200+ for just a little bit of leather. So, with all that vinyl, you, and lots of other people could practice like crazy. Ah, sorry, just realized you're in the UK. BUT I'm sure you could find a vinyl supplier somewhere there and you probably won't have to buy 50yds of it. Unless, of course, you want to buy that much. Vinyl might not stretch exactly like leather, but it flops and drapes just like it. And in the long run it would be cheaper to practice with it before you try the real thing, just like a silversmith starts out working with copper or pewter before moving on to silver. Good luck.
  10. How BIG were the bellies you got from them? I was asking linda about them, and she ended up screaming at me in email saying "our bellies are definitely NOT.........." I know they're not as "wide" as I wanted, but that was a real turn off. Just thought I'd ask, since I was thinking about buying some of what you bought. All I needed was a square foot or two. I know bellies are irregularly shaped.
  11. What I meant was, the picture I found at Zak's said these bellies were 7-9sf and judging from that, it means that the larger one in the picture should have several square feet of material, at least, through the center. So, I was going straight to the tannery, thinking that that's where the stuff comes from, right? Yea, I know that no every tannery produces the same stuff the same way or even the same stuff the same way every time. W&C was quick to scream at me, after the y requested and I told them that I was looking for something like this, with perhaps 2 or 3 sf clear in the center, that "our bellies are NOT....... I guess we can't help you, Thanks."
  12. Fantastic that I stumbled upon the very subject I was looking for. I've been going back and forth over the past couple of days with W&C asking about their bellies they have listed on overstock. I was asking for a few of the largest (widest) ones they had, in either English birdle or harness, as they had listed. Well, I asked for and got the specs on the average SF and length and width of them, got the lo-down on "bellies are...." (honey, I know what they are, I've been working on and off with leather for over 25 years), and I told them what project I had in mind. They started to suggest that it wouldn't be possible (I've done it before) to get the proper sized pieces I needed from these bellies (did I say I've done this before???) and asked me to give them the dimensions I needed. I gave them what they asked for and the response was : "The bellies we have are definitely NOT............ I guess we can't help you, Thanks." So, I was intending to order a few anyway, trusting that they would send me the widest ones they could find, however, being given the brushoff wasn't what I would call good business. And so I let them know that. In the meantime I found a picture from Zak's that has bellies listed that they say are 7-9SF, and if they are, that means that one of them in the picture contains at least 4-5 square feet straight through the middle of the piece. No idea why theirs would be wider than the tannery's are. Meanwhile, I've ordered twice from Spfld in the past few months. Two natural horse butts and 1.5" horse strips. The first time I asked for the widest butts they had, didn't care about length, scratches, blemishes (it's a practice project) and the butts were better and larger than I expected. The second time I asked for two more natural horse butts, more strips, and one each of the brown and black drum-dyed narrower horse butts. I specifically asked for wide butts, the widest drum-dyed butts (I know they were all narrower), and thin 1.5" strips because I don't need the thick ones. Well, I think they sent me the thickest strips they had (no big deal I can easily split them myself), the drum-dyed butts are garbage (they look 20 years old, the dye rubs straight out of them, the flesh side looks like they have some weird material attached to them, and both have a horrendous 1/2" wide deep cracked crease from end to end straight through them) and the large natural butts, one was 1/2 the width of the ones I had previously received, and the other was a bit wider, still narrower than the first order, but it looked as if it had one entire edge torn from it. So, disappointed as I was, I didn't complain. If I order from Spfld again, I will show them the pictures I took of what they sent me the second time despite what I asked for, and remind them that it's the third time I've ordered from them and if I don't get what I requested this time, I'm not going to complain, but I will take my business elsewhere. Unfortunately, Boston, which used to be the center of the leather universe, has no remaining retail leather shops. Shipping costs way too much to screw around.
  13. Bye "wide" I mean, the WIDEST? I'm not looking for just a belly strip. I've seen photos where the "bellies" are wider than just a narrow strip squared off from the side, like the following picture: . The other question I have is if some bellies are narrower, then doesn't that mean that the bends or shoulders they are cut from have belly leather remaining on their sides, which increases the square footage and the price of the bend / shoulder? I've tried wickett & craig. They told me their bellies were about 12 inches, then said they weren't.
  14. There is one here: http://www.cutterandtailor.com/forum/ But it is in German, and you'll have to find someone with a large format printer who could blow it up to the size you need.
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