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  1. You’d be better off keeping the Ferdco, or selling it to me! ;) And yes, at the time, they were in the 5-6k range!
  2. This… the “splitters” mentioned do not work with chrome tan… a band bland splitter will have hell even…
  3. That’s good! I’ll eventually get around to pulling it off and trying to clean it up! I emailed you a few days back, looking for a spring for the bobbin shuttle! The flat spring in shuttle!
  4. Yes, I knew there were several sizes, although I never see them available!
  5. I hate it that someone had the nerve to steal parts like that! If you painted this, shame on you for painting over the plaque! Lol this machine was salvaged, or combined… two different serial numbers on it!
  6. How is the one you printed working out for you? David Mills
  7. I found a second Landis 3 to add to my collection! It was a head only, so I put a servo motor and speed reducer under the table! give a like and a follow! davidmillssaddlery.com
  8. Interested! What would it cost to ship to 78155
  9. Can you make copies? I think I’ve got a copy of the operators manual… This is asking for “request access”???
  10. As of this week! +1 (307) 683-2222 stampmakerpro@gmail.com
  11. Would you mind sending me his contact information
  12. It can do up to 1/4 inch maybe 5/16 of an inch… But as stated earlier, that would be pushing it! But for $500 go get it… I called mind my money maker! Because it is used more than any of my other 10 sewing machines…
  13. Anyone have photos of how the safety lockout is set up on one of these please?
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