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  1. How exciting! New sewing machines are fun. I think you did pretty well having never sew on a machine. Do some practice pieces with curves and maybe try using the handwheel as you go around curves.
  2. I use a sizzix and custom made steel rule dies. works pretty well for leathers up to 6oz.
  3. go to goldstar tool get a servo motor... https://goldstartool.com/brushless-dc-servo-motor.html $110.00 fix and you never have to worry about step down pillows.
  4. you might try sending goldstar some of the snaps that didnt fit to see if Dave can get a good die made for you. why but a whole new press when a die is what you need.
  5. I am glad David was able to help you. I've been happy with both of my machines. I bought one and he gave me one. Most recently I got a serious electric cutting tool. It can cut 10oz HO saddle leather like NOTHING... only thing is it doesn't do curves. But If I need a straight line... it's awesome and it self sharpens!! (a huge deal for me.) check it out. https://goldstartool.com/Electric_rotary_cutter_4_inch_RSD-100.html
  6. Hey Safe... I found this on FB... of course cookie dough is a lot softer than leather but if you could find away to create enough pressure....
  7. :D I'm good for weird ideas that work. Like.... using a "scrap booker, die cutting machine" and steel ruler dies... to cut leather. But sadly my guy that made the dies quit.... <sigh> I once considered one of those old ringer washer machines... but finding one with intact ringers... and not all cracked and falling apart would be kind of tough and probably expensive. Be careful of metals.... remember leather typically has tannens... which react and turn black when it touches metal (steel, iron... think Vinegaroon) So.. maybe replacing the rollers with some sort of plastic ones would be better.
  8. Good idea but the amount of pressure required to emboss leather would make it a workout for certain. Now if you could find an old machine.... like maybe a pasta roller... it might be possible if you could find one that would allow the thickness of the leather you use. (I like to think out of the box)
  9. For those who want to know what Fiebings Deglazer contains.... Safety sheets are a good source for "ingredients" http://www.zackwhite.com/assets/images/msds/Deglazer.pdf
  10. The deal is found at Goldstartool.com call them and ask for the "Sylvia Leather" deal. Since this deal was originally set up a few years ago it may indeed be 99.99 or so. But considering that Tandy charges over $200 for the machine and $100 for the dies I think this is a great deal. The dies are sized for the rivets. That said you could probably use a 7mm one to set a 6mm rivet, but considering the dies are so cheap, I recommend that you get the correct size.
  11. You did read that correctly. When I originally got my machine the ligne 20 snaps didn't work. But that was over 2 years ago so Tandy may have corrected the problem. Just after starting leather craft some kind soul sent me a big ol' bag of snaps... I'm talking like 500 or more. I won't have to buy any for years. (thanks again kind soul.... whoever you are) I suggest you buy a small pack of Tandy's and see if they work on your machine.
  12. I have personal experience and full on annoyance with this. Turns out Tandy's Ligne 20s are smaller by at least one millimeter and the result is a crushed cap or ring. I have other Ligne 24's that came from Lord knows where that work fine... haven't had much trouble with Tandy ligne 24s either. I guess in your case it's measure to see if it will fit. Or just try them on scrap.
  13. So nice to hear they took care of you. I bolted mine down right away and haven't had an issue with it. But I don't go all "Kong" on mine either. lol
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