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  1. Thanks for the comments. Stitching isnt bad if you drill the stitch holes and saddle stitch...two rows however would be twice the effort. Good luck with your project and hope to see some pics
  2. Anyone airbrushing the Fiebings water base dye with good results ? I was thinking clean up with water would be so much better than with alcohol for the oil dyes ????
  3. Those look great. I would give this style a try if I get a chance.
  4. Thanks for your comments Josh, always welcome other makers suggestions and ideas, its a great learning tool. I too went back and forth on the thick welt, in the end I thought the "look" matched the the knife design ( blocky, gladiator, mad max type look LOL). Im finding with custom work, the customer, most often has no idea on design, assembly , color, thread size etc. Got lucky with these and they were a hit. Thanks again for your comments.
  5. Thanks for your comment you are correct " very thick" If you look at the picture closely , the maker of these knives made the finger guard 1/2 inch wide for a 1/8 inch thick blade, follow the center line of the tang, 1/4 inch over hang both sides of the blade. Only way to get the finger guard to not push the back of the belt loop out was to build the layers up. If I had of skived the top it would have made the push out worse.
  6. I had the line 20 cap die while setting line 24 snaps.
  7. Only this many tries to realize i had the wrong dies in my kam press....much improvement.
  8. Thanks Dwight. I found the tri weave stamp very forgiving and more easy to camouflage the mistakes !
  9. Thanks, Made this for I guy I run into on the way to work. When I delivered the holster I didnt think to take a pic
  10. Finished this holster for a off brand 357 snubby. I used the Al Stolhman pattern for the colt detective and fit like a glove ! Double shoulder vegi tan from Tandy, Thought it had a nice look. Thanks for looking and comments always welcome.
  11. Great post. Knowledge and wisdom, now THATS the hoky-poky
  12. Nice job on that one Yin ! Browning logo, stitching,color, sam brown button all just right. Really nice. You did however break the rule by not showing the blade....just sayin
  13. For what its worth, i use latigo for most of my projects. Latigo is used for horse harness and sees all weather elements. I stamp alot of latigo with lasting results. It is however difficult to tool alot of detail because you lose contrasting color. I use drum dyed latigo, its colored from the factory and colored all the way through so you can skip the dying process and the color will not bleed when wet but is mostly available in black or burgandy. The back of leather is suede...i would think you could get by without a liner for you bib. Dave
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