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  1. texback

    Camp stool seat

    Thanks. I really enjoy making these, I just don't have the time to do all the ones I want to make right now.
  2. Thanks to all. Ray was one of a kind and a good man. Didn't know him personally other than the numerous emails and phone calls we exchanged. Only wish I had done this a long time ago so he could have seen it. I have two other knives I got from him with plans to make sheaths for each.
  3. Another project I did when I found the time to do a little leather. The concho on the sheath is made from a 50 cent piece. I collect Bowie knives and picked this one up from our dear late friend Raysouth (Ray Dodge).
  4. texback

    Camp stool seat

    Been quite a while since I've been on here. Work and life gets in the way. This is a removable camp stool seat I made just to see how it would turn out. I may remake it and change a few things.
  5. Couple more camp stools finished. Now to finish a dog collar and the rattlesnake inlay knife sheath.
  6. Thanks that's what I thought was the way to remove them but just wanted to be sure before I messed up a skin. You gave me inspiration with your sheath so I am making one for a Bowie type knife I have.
  7. One question. Did you remove the scales from the rattler hide and if so what's the best way to do so?
  8. I used 1 inch oak dowels from Home Depot. I used brass finish washers with 1 inch brass screws that I drilled a pilot hole for and should spread the load on top of doubled leather. The idea of putting a copper pipe around the top sounds like a good idea for both strength and accent. Might have to try that on any others I make. Don't think the dowels will split but only time will tell. I am toying with the idea of making these for sale but the market is flooded with the cheap canvas and tubing style for cheap. These were just a test run to see what I could learn and to get a feel for the cost involved.
  9. Outstanding job on the sheath. I've a rattler skin I need to do something with. his gives a an idea.
  10. Thanks for the compliments. It was a bear doing all the swivel knife cuts, beveling, and painting on both but I think they came out ok. As far as the dowels, I don't think I will have a problem. I used oak dowels. I did think about sewing pockets for the dowels but with a double layer of leather I really didn't think it was needed.
  11. Thank you both. It feels good to get back in the game. Neither project is perfect but did turn out ok.
  12. It's been well over a year since my son passed and even longer than that since I've done any leather work. Finally got my head right and got back to what I love doing. A couple of my latest projects, Horn bag for my granddaughter for Christmas and a new belt for me.
  13. It's been a while since I last was on this site. Last November my 32 yo son had a major stroke. He had been making tremendous progress and had regained partial use of his right arm and was able to communicate better. He had even been able to drive again, against my advice. Things were looking up. Then on May 24th, I received the phone call that no parent ever wants to get. My son had passed away. I post this not for sympathy, but to urge each and every one of you to let those that you love and care for know it before it's too late. I have peace of mind knowing that my son knew I loved him. Life is short.
  14. Didn't know where to post this really so I put it here. A bit over a month ago my 32 yo son had a major stroke. I have been traveling every weekend to see him and so I haven't been here on the site hardly. He has no use of his right arm, very limited use of his right leg, and can only speak a very few words. He has been getting rehab but it can only help so much. He was out with some friends and fell off a barstool so they assumed he had had too much to drink. They took him home and left him where his mother found him the next day around 5:30 pm. He was taken to 3 different hospitals that night. He was very close to death at the time. I am posting this not to gather sympathy......but rather to urge everyone to learn to recognize the signs of a stroke. Had his friends been able to recognize the signs and had called 911, the doctors may have been able to reverse the stroke. There is a drug they can give ONLY in the first hour of a stroke that can reverse or minimize the damage. Not all people will exhibit all the signs of a stroke. They may only show a sign or two. If the person suddenly doesn't seem themselves, or shows any of the signs get them medical help ASAP. Stroke can happen to a person of any age.
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