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  1. Manypawz

    Dogs Playing Poker

    Very cute....that is a lot of work, great job!
  2. Manypawz

    Snare Drum Case

    Custom Snare Drum case I created for a friend. I was finally able to finish it up over the holidays. She is one happy drummer.
  3. Manypawz

    Motorcycle Saddlebags

  4. Manypawz

    Power Slicker

    I made mine for about $150.00 CAD, same reason as you, way too expensive on shops that I was looking at. I bought the variable speed bench grinder at Lowes, (70.00) the cocobolo burnisher from Proburnishers (40.00) and the sanding drum from Lee valley Tools. (30.00) I've added a picture with the specs of the grinder for you. Hope this helps.
  5. Manypawz


    Sorry I should have provided more details. I'm looking for a bench mounted manual skiver.
  6. Manypawz


    I am thinking of purchasing a skiver. Does anyone have any advice on quality brand names and the ones to stay away from? Thank you ahead of time.
  7. Manypawz

    Escher Bass Guitar Strap

    Great design and colour.
  8. Manypawz

    Skull Guitar Strap

    This was a fun design and blending of colours. Working with two bold colours had its challenges, but it turned out in the end.
  9. Manypawz

    New Collar I Made For My Dog

    Very nice. The stitiching looks really good! Nice dog as well.
  10. Manypawz

    Bench Shooting Bag

    That is a beautiful piece. I keep coming back to look at it!