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    Just starting in leather work and learning as much tooling as possible now. Started leather work in July 2012

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    Everything western
  1. Does anyone have any pictures of a reducer for a 97-10. My machine is missing stitches at slow speeds but is perfect at fast speeds. Is that because i need a reducer? thanks matt
  2. Not the best picture but i have a 6 ft wide by 15 ft long shed i do all my work in. Not to much room but betting then my 3ft by 3ft spot i had in my house.
  3. I would like in. What do i have to do to get the pattern?
  4. I ship with usps. I have had one package damaged and my stuff was lost. Other then that it has been good till i shipped to canada now that is expensive.
  5. Since my last post i do 90% of my sales on facebook. I went to school for marketing and know how to advertise. But facebook has been great. I don't have a website just a facebook page. If you know what to do on facebook you can make good money selling on there.
  6. This is my work area. Not big at all but it works.
  7. I just got a barry king 24 oz works great for basket stamping and for tooling just dont hit it as hard.
  8. If I were you i would buy a Maul. From barry king, the bear man or other. If you are making more the the straps you may want to make the L and I a but farther apart. When i saw it, it looked like a U.
  9. Thanks for the heads up. Ill have to look at the craftaids
  10. Buy good barry king or pro tools right away. I have been doing leatherwork for 6 months and am already getting rid of my tandy tools and going to better tools.
  11. I like usps. I get padded envelopes and use them to ship. It isnt bad prices Ups is way more expensive.
  12. If you use bucking rolls on your wade. You would want a 16". Im 5'10" i weight 150. I ride in 16" saddles 15" feels like i need a shoe horn to get into. If i ride a cutting saddle i like 16.5"
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