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  1. vera

    Last work

    Kate, ClayB thanks!!! We are glad to a meeting with you too. Thanks Crystal, SouthPaw.
  2. Beautiful work Vera! It's really great to see new innovations.


  3. vera

    Last work

    Thanks, all of you! Bob, Tom, Jimnx, Karl, bustedlifter, Spider, leatheroo, MADMAX22, sodapop . . . We appreciate your kindness and comments! Your supports received here, are inspiring for us! Happy New Year! Thanks again, Vera & Michael
  4. Could you tell me, please, how to find the agent on sales?
  5. vera

    My dads Christmas

    We always meet with pleasure your each new work. Thank you.
  6. vera

    For this time of year

    YOUR WORKS it is the lath to which we aspire!!! We THANK YOU!!!!!!!
  7. vera

    Last work

    Happy Christmas, Happy New Year! With best wishes. Last work
  8. We cut down a hole a chisel and we cut a bevel overhead a knife.
  9. Hi !!!! Small gifts for fans of spiders Vera
  10. Fine lessons. Thanks. We take off a hat before Masters. M&V
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