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  1. Thank you very much for posting this! I am looking forward to giving it a try !
  2. i spent just under $800 got an extremely well maintained and used Consew 226r-2.. I build mainly belts, spur straps and some chaps, chinks etc. I've sewed up to 15oz weight leather with it. So you can find less expensive machines that will meet your needs but you will need to look around and really pay attention to do so. Out of the machine brands you mention though I'd go with the Juki or the Techsew just personal preference
  3. If i had that situation.... Cobra 4.
  4. Yes ordered a new bobbin case and it has been working beautifully since. I realised when I took the old bobbin case apart to look at the spring, that the spring was very worn, even had a bit of a groove forming in it. That is what the stitches look like now. ( the picture)
  5. Thank you all so much for the replies! lots of very helpful advice. I have ordered a new bobbin case, but am also giving everything a good clean to make sure that "gunk" wasn't the issue. I'm saving this thread to my computer so that I can remind myself of steps and problem solving tips . Linda
  6. Sorry I didn't specify how long ago we brought it in. Moved it into the house about 2 months ago, so lots of time to come up to temp. and the Thread is all stored in a container in the same room as the machine is in. I've tried to tighten the spring on the bobbin case, and it is as snugged up tight as I can get it, but there it still no tension on the bobbin thread. I was wondering if it is possible that the spring is shot on there? Thank you very much for the reply Ferg. Linda Also, I tried stitching with 138 on the bottom and 69 on the top, and then i got a beautiful stitch... and that seems very odd to me. I hadn't paid attention to which bobbin i had put in, and had grabbed the 138 instead of my usual 69.
  7. Ok, I have a Consew 226r-2. Had great even thread tension when I first got it, had it set up in my garage. It had been used mainly for Upholstery jobs prior to my getting it. Then when I moved it into my house ( sewing in an unheated garage when the temps are 50F and under, wasn't going to happen, and now we've been -38F a few mornings i'm glad i brought it in) but i digress.. since i brought it in i've been having tension issues. thought i had it sorted out, but was wrong. When i stitch 95% of the time the bottom threads loop is showing on the topside. once in a rare while it will be just right and the knot won't show top or bottom, but as i said that is rare! I've read the manual multiple times, gone through all the adjustments for tension for both top and bobbin.. and still no love. I can pull the bobbin thread and there is almost no resistance at all... I'm just at a loss at what to do to figure it out. I attached a couple pictures. the one on the dark leather is how the stitch looks most of the time, the spur straps show it doing it's sometimes nice, sometimes off stitch, and then the other pale leather is the one time it seemed to be stitching just right...
  8. I like to line with Latigo if it is for a horse that is going to working and sweating.. find it is best for gear that is going to see lots of wear.
  9. timely thread to find as i'm taking the wool off a saddle currently... the tree pockets are stitched through the fleece, lots of nails... and staples... definitely a time consuming job!!
  10. Valleee, Where abouts in Rural MB are you? I'm Rural MB also, but right along the border so order from Springfield to a US ASddress and then pay my duty at the border... find it is more cost effective that way.
  11. what i've been told is that depending on the work you are planning to do with it ( heavy ranch work, just showing etc) affects teh type and weight you should use. You should check out SLC, as they could talk to you and help you figure out what you need and how much. I like lined bridles, so depending on what you are doing on the outside you can look at a latigo leather or such.
  12. one of my good friends uses an old Singer to do alot of her work, ( leather and horse blanket stuff. The machine she uses is about 30 or so years old now. I have and old treadle Singer that still powers through stuff that many brand new ones wouldn't...
  13. Thank you, i'll go look up some info on the machines you mentioned.
  14. This is the machine i have, Just looking for tips and advice on threads, needles etc to use with it. Bought it from a gentleman that used it mainly for making motorcycle leathers. So far i've only used it to repair a couple horse blankets and farrier chaps!! Thank you in advance!~ Linda
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