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  1. Another addition to my "to do" list lol. Thanks!
  2. Thanks and yep, I'm already pondering what I should do next. I didn't have a lot of time this year but now I have a whole year to think about it.
  3. believe it or not I really don't like to brag but I just found out the winning bid for my bag was $110.00! I never thought it would get that much but I am ecstatic to be able to help out this organization that provides horseback riding therapy for kids. I don't know how much a horse eats in a day but maybe I bought them a snack or two lol!
  4. Hey man, nice pants! That right there is a good lokkin' sheath.
  5. Great looking band, Jonasbo. Thanks for posting all the pics!
  6. for number 3, http://www.ohiotravelbag.com/ and I will wait patiently for answers to 1 and 2 as I'd like to know as well lol
  7. Billy, practice and a sharp blade go a long way to getting the feeling of control. In my very limited use so far I could tell I got better at controlling it as I used it more and much better when it was sharp. I was stropping it before almost every cut..which I imagine is a consequence of it being a tandy blade lol. But the cuts I got when it was sharp were so good it's worth all the extra stropping.
  8. THAT was weighing heavily on my mind during the little bit I did with mine...it was too close and made me nervous even with the constant thought "Meat stays BEHIND the blade!" on a loop in my brain.
  9. Fantastic tutorial, thank you sir! I do have one minor quibble: This is the internet. Kittens are never optional.
  10. I've never had a real skiver but I recently won a free Al Stohlman head knife in a carving contest at my local Tandy. I love this thing. This was the first thing I made and I was able to cut out that big round front piece in almost one continuous, smooth line. Pushing is so much easier to control than pulling was. I did do some skiving down in places and it worked pretty good for that but I could see where the dedicated skiving knife would do even better. It came out of the box sharp and I have stropped it a lot but I figure if I love this and can do more with it than my old utility knife ever could just think how much I'm gonna love a LW or Knip when I have enough money to get a really good knife.
  11. I like the Tandy water stains too - never used an oil-based dye but I'only been doing this for a little over a year. Definitely looking up canvas too - Made in USA is important to me as well.
  12. Very nice and inspiring - I've mixed dyes before applying to get different colors but never put one coat on and then another. Gonna start experimenting with that right away. I love the look of yours. I notice you mentioned the provenance of the canvas - are there different grades of canvas? Never worked with canvas at all but I see I should be lol. Thanks for sharing!
  13. Hi folks, been off the site for a while but I'm still reading and learning and getting a few things done. Made this last week for a charity auction. Slightly altered the sporran I made before to include a strap and put a belt loop on the back. That's their logo on the front.
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