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  1. Getting my first table at a Festival. Excited + Terrified!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lavendara


      Thank you, both! And yes, I started about August. Could just mean I tend to jump into things too easily. Lol

    3. AndyH


      Awesome! Enjoy yourself & hope you do well! I also will have my 1st in June at "Echoes of the Trail"

    4. Lavendara


      Yay!! Good luck with yours, as well!

  2. Spilled dye on my desk last night. Yay for another milestone! Boo for needing more dye...

    1. Bob Blea

      Bob Blea

      Wait till you get it on your carpet....

    2. Lavendara


      I better not! Lol. We're still in an apartment.

    3. cgleathercraft


      A combo of 409/Resolve/elbow grease got black dye out of my carpet. Do NOT want to do it again.

  3. Revamping the business. Good thing I hadn't progressed much, this is already exhausting!

    1. broncobuster


      im doing that to trying to figure which way to go

    2. Lavendara


      Having the same issue. I have some big picture stuff, but missing little things. Others have little things without having a big picture.

  4. Lavendara

    Celtic wallet

    Love the design! Beautiful!
  5. Getting paid is dangerous for me... BUT I now have more hole punches, two bags of leather remnants, two more kits, new brushes, 9 more colors...

  6. Lavendara


    Love the way this was done.
  7. Spent money at Tandy's End of Year sale. I'm a happy girl!

    1. Studio-N


      Get anything good? I got some of the buckles with swarski crystals in it for only $5. Remember when they were $60?

    2. Lavendara


      Got belt supplies for a request, and attempted a watch for the spouse. The watch didn't work out, but now I have more ideas and pieces to use as a template. :) Also got my first craft aid and a new dye (that's NOT brown!!).

  8. Happy Holidays to all, hope they're filled with love and warmth!

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