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  1. It sure is good to finish a project, Stand back and admire it for a moment, put it in the mail and send it on its way and start over.

    1. jmann8686


      Yes it is. Its always nice when the customer sends a video or pic of it and you see it in use as well.

    2. ClintM


      That's true!

      It's good to know its getting used and enjoyed.

    3. Lavendara


      Very true! Good job!

  2. ClintM


    Thanks, Itch Ron's tools are definitely being considered. I'm thankful for your response. Its good to hear from someone who's actually had experience with them.
  3. ClintM


    Hi everyone, I need to replace my edgers and upgrade, the low-cost ones that I now have have seen there better days and they're hard to keep sharp. Does anyone have an opinion on who makes the best edgers mostly #1 and #2 standard type? I am aware of most of the makers and would like some input from someone who has experience with the better quality made edgers get alot of use, hold a good edge and cut smoothly. Thanks
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