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  1. BadW0lf

    As Good As It Gets

    Looks like you've got all the necessities! lol I love the designs.
  2. BadW0lf

    Floral Breast Collar With Withers Strap

    Wow - this is just beautiful! Once I get the basics down I'm going to start making tack for my ponies; I can only hope it will be half as fancy and nice!
  3. What is the easiest technique for saddle stitching without having a stitching pony? Or should I just make one? Thanks!
  4. BadW0lf

    Tracing/transferring Design Help

    Do you have a link for bearman's stylus???
  5. How the heck do I do this kind of dye job?!?! I can't figure out how to post a pic, so here's a link...
  6. BadW0lf

    Tracing/transferring Design Help

    Thank you! Is it the Stylus Awl???
  7. BadW0lf

    New Cincinnati / tri state Leather Guild

    OMG - We have a leather store AND a guild?! How did I not know this?! Aah - I'm busy next Wednesday - I'll shoot for November. Are there any other meet ups in the area?!?!
  8. BadW0lf

    Tracing/transferring Design Help

    Is there a link for the stylus everyone is recommending?
  9. BadW0lf

    Light Decorations On Dark Leather

    Would it give you the same effect if you dye the leather and THEN carve into it???
  10. BadW0lf

    Total Begginner - Need Feedback & Advice

    Awesome! I was literally thinking of how to transfer the design in ink or something, but that makes much more sense! Thank you!
  11. BadW0lf

    Total Begginner - Need Feedback & Advice

    I've been looking at stamp sets - hoping to get more soon. I'll look into a maul as well. One big question - what on earth do you use to transfer patterns to carve?!?!
  12. BadW0lf

    Making Templates

    Wow - that breast strap is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I think it looks amazing as is.
  13. Wow - that is amazing!!! They're so detailed!
  14. I am totally new to leatherwork, but do all sorts of crafting. It just looks so cool I had to try it out!!! I got this starter set from Springfield Leather: Are there any tools not included there that are must-haves??? I saw the sticky coaster tutorial on the main page - it is exactly what I'm looking for and I'm gonna give that a try first. Does anyone know of any other tutorials that are similarly laid out? I need pics to learn - text alone just wasn't doing it for me... Thank you!!!!! ~Kate