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  1. It's a reining saddle. I have been getting help from a friend up the road but wanted to try a different way. This is my first saddle. Have stohlman books
  2. Was hoping someone could help me with either how you cover and have the stitching on the inside or what time of leather to use that will stretch and not have to stitch it at all.
  3. I would be interested in the spot pieces not the full floral
  4. Eberk

    Elephant Pieces

    Here's my cell number give me a call or text and I can send pictures. Only have 2 pieces left 864-314-7574
  5. Eberk

    Gore 021

    Have a gore basket weave stamp for sale. Can email or text picture can't get pictures to upload. 864-314-7574
  6. Have a Barry King braid border for sale. Don't know how to add pictures on here but can email one upon request or can text one. 864-314-7574
  7. Eberk

    Elephant Pieces

    I have 4 pieces of genuine elephant I am selling. These pieces are still good size pieces just too small for what I do with them. A little over 2 sq ft. $60 gets it shipping included
  8. Eberk

    Stingray Hides

    Have 9 smaller black stingrays. The smallest is around 3.5 wide and the largest is 4.5. I bought them to use for inlays and just haven't had the chance therefor I am selling them. I have them priced at 15 a piece if you buy all 9 of them.
  9. Looking to buy stamps to upgrade my collection also a new swivel knife and small maul. looking for suggestions as well as anyone who might have some they would part with. thank you
  10. looking to upgrade my stamping collection from the craftool stamps. Looking for suggestions or if you have anything you would sale please let me know thank you.
  11. I have been playing with leather and tooling for over a year now and i have decided to start upgrading my tools and collection. Let me know if you have any suggestions or if you have some tools and stamps you would be willing to let go.. Also looking for a new smaller maul. THank you
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