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  1. These are awesome. Hmm, you're giving me ideas for my riding suit
  2. Once again the King makes it happen. Love it bro.
  3. Very cool. Keep us posted on the different ones.
  4. Yeah I love sketching. Can't say it always comes out the way I want but something happens. Haha If it's a specific idea I want I will sketch it out on paper sometimes. You can always take an existing drawing and modify it. I just like my stuff to be MY ideas but some people request a certain logo or picture in my style. That's a blessing. Ferg I took no offense and I do appreciate you asking. Asking for insite is awesome so thank you. I'm sure you feel great having designed such places. joquarter, I guess it can be for a metal fan but hey as much as I like metal and other music I'm listening to Corinne Bailey Ray right now. hahaha
  5. Happy to see so much creativity on this site...

  6. Thanks everyone. I love how this piece turned out. It wasn't planned and just happened. Ferg, I can't say what inspires me to make the things I do. Not cause I don't want to or it's a secret but because I'm not fully sure what it is. I just know that this type of art makes me feel good, at ease and even free. I'm not a very traditional guy in my art and I don't feel I should bottle up any feelings or thoughts I have. I do believe that I should find a creative/non harmful way of expressing them. Of course not all my pieces come with negative feelings but instead are just an expression of any feelings I may be having. In regards to this journal cover, I drew it directly on the leather without a template or pre-sketch because I wanted it to represent a freedom in expression. No reservations. This journal will hold my outward thoughts and my deep inner feelings. Maybe the ones I won't verbally share but the secret thoughts I hold inside. But all my raw, unfiltered thoughts. If anyone is willing to read it then they are welcome to anything they get from it and should be open to whatever may come. I believe THAT is what a journal should be. Me. I believe people were more conservative or maybe even not so willing to accept that people had certain feelings before and that's maybe why you would be "locked up" if you drew things like this. Trust me growing up I even received that sometimes and it took me a while to realize that I might not think like others. But that's ok...
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