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  1. I'm not going to be attaching it to anything, was just trying to reduce the thickness/furriness, as it will be on my head riding the motorcycle. I am making a head cover to tie on my head when riding. I figured with all that on the underside, it would be hot. It'll be hot enough, just being leather, so may make little difference. Thanks
  2. Thanks!. I used a wire brush first, which helped with using scissors next, and I stretched it around a roll of duct tape, flesh side out, so I could get good approach to the fibers standing up. It is some scrap pieces I got from Springfield. I am making myself a skull cap for riding the bike. I was trying to remove it so it would not be so hot to wear. I appreciate the input.
  3. I searched both here and the internet in general, and could not find anything about how to do this. The piece I have is very fibrous on the back. I am hoping there is an easy way, or something better than just trying to get it off with my fingers. Thanks!
  4. Thanks folks. I was hoping to avoid the bulkiness of a lock and make it look like a regular, maybe Christmas card type, envelope. I had first thought of just putting a lock clasp on the flap, but again, wanted it to look as much like a regular envelope as I could get. I have seen some with snap closures, which would probably work OK, I guess. Its not like I'll be sending secret messages, and tampering with mail is a federal offense and all that, so that may be my best bet. I was hoping for some type of very flat secure closure though. Maybe something like attached would work too. Didn't see how to embed photo. Thanks again.
  5. I want to make a leather envelope to be reused for myself and a friend to send letters back and forth. I can make the envelope easy enough, and even have a method/appropriate materials in place for swapping addresses in the TO and FROM locations as well as something for postage to be adheared too. My problem is, how do I make something that wont get opened? A leather cord wrap would keep it closed, but would not be secure. Any ideas on how I could keep it secure and flat? I thought of molding in a small rectangular shaped box with slots to hold a combination lock, but that would be kind of bulky. Let me know if you have some ideas. Thanks
  6. I made this a little while back to hold my stamps, lace and other things. It rotates around the center on the sprocket and the blocks swivel to stay upright. It holds 47 stamps per block for a total of 188. It was fun to make. I'm not sure I would like more than one per hole, but never tried it. I may make something like you posted above next and see how I like that.
  7. Oh OK. The strips in the one picture are what will be around the perimeter of the top and come down to meet the sides of the box. I will do a Spanish braid (I think that is what it is called) along the bottom edge of those strips, and then along the top edge of the sides where they both meet. I will use magnetic snaps, two at each front corner, and two more at third-points along the front, for closure. For the most part, it will always be open, but was planning to use those for closing it up and carrying it around. Thanks for all the input! Thanks to all for all the input and discussion.
  8. I'm not sure what you mean by "apron". Can you elaborate please? Thanks
  9. Hello folks. I am mostly a lurker, and generally come on here to find out how to do stuff and admire the work many of you do. I learn and see some good stuff on here. I am making a leather case for a friend that is close to finishing school for becoming a makeup artist. The case will be used to hold supplies and work from while doing the trade on movie/stage sets. My original intent had been to use colors on the various studio names on the front/top of the case, much like I already have with the makeup brands that are on the strips that go around the lid perimeter. I had one friend comment that they thought I should leave all that on the top natural, as-is. I just wanted to get other's opinions on this and see what the general consensus might be. On the one hand, it seems I should stay with the same theme as the lid perimeter, but on the other hand, I do not plan to use any color on anything else on the side/edges of the case, other than some black silhouettes similar to her name on the top. Please let me know what you think. I know it looks rough, and I'm just a beginner, but she will still love it. Thanks in advance. Claude
  10. Thanks. That is what I ended up doing. I bought a Tandy groover/creaser, and tried those, but ended up using a smooth tracing wheel (like a tiny pizza cutter) with a straight edge and it worked great. The Tandy creaser scratched the leather more than I wanted. I dampened the leather too like you mentioned. My "music" looks a little rough, but as one of my friends said, "it is a note-worthy effort" LOL.
  11. Thanks for that information. My thought was to make the whole score along the length of the strap, parallel to the edges. Would I use the creaser function or the groover? I was looking at a U-tube for the Tandy Pro-Stitching Groover, and it showed how to use both, and was not sure how well the grooves would stay, long-term. If I groove the leather, is there something I need to do to seal, or reseal the now rough groove, or will it just be OK as-is? Thanks again for the reply.
  12. Hello folks. I lurk here a lot and see all the awesome stuff you all make. I have been dabbling a bit at making a few things, purses, hats, fly boxes and stuff. I am currently working on a purse shaped like a guitar for a friend of mine, and want to stamp a music score along the strap for the purse. I have acquired and made the various music note and symbol stamps I need, but have not been able to come up with a good way to make a music score down the strap on which to stamp the notes. I would appreciate any advice on the matter. I am very much a novice and my stuff looks pretty rough, LOL, but that is where I am at. I have attached a few pictures of the purse. Thanks
  13. Hello folks. I realize this post is a bit old, but I was searching for AutoCAD related posts. I was wondering if anyone has, or knows where I might find, AutoCAD blocks for individual stamps. I am very proficient with AutoCAD and could play with some preliminary stamp layouts before putting it to leather if I had the blocks. If not, I will probably just make my own. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all that info. Very helpful.
  15. Awesome! Thanks for that. I attached pics of T944
  16. OK. The tool numbers are T944, B203, P703, B997, B60, and P206. Those are the smooth ones. I have about 150 others, and have them noted in a spreadsheet as to what they are as far as pattern, but not finished with that yet. Yes, I am OCD. LOL. Anyway. I’ll attach a picture of what I am attempting to do. Thanks for the help and advice!
  17. Thanks for the replies folks. I have not had a chance to look at the tool numbers yet, but I will and post back. I will definitely check out the book too. I already have the Grant book and many others, as I am a book person and love to read to learn, which is why I lurk here so much!. LOL. Thanks again.
  18. Hello folks. I am very new to working with leather, and may be using the wrong terminology. I searched for impression and relief, and could not find what I was looking for. I want to tool down an area of leather to end up with a raised (untouched) impression in the piece of leather, that will be a name. I have a lot of stamp tools that I got from my brother, and have many of them that are smooth-faced, so I assume that is what they are used for, and know I could be completely wrong. LOL. Ay help would be appreciated. Thanks
  19. I am in the process of making this hat, I call it my Frankencow hat LOL, from just some leather scraps of a variety of leathers. I just punched holes and hand stitched using 1mm round leather lace. I know if looks rough, but was not going for anything fancy, I just wanted something different to wear. Still not finished, but just thought I'd share.
  20. Great work, and idea on making your own stamps. I will have to try that.
  21. Hello everyone. I'm new to leatherworking. I have dabbled around with some braiding and have seen my brother make some pretty remarkable items. I bought a load of stamps, probably 10 years ago, and never got around to using them, so gave them to my brother. He used them a lot, and I bought him some more. Now he does not do it anymore, so I got the stamps back from him and figured I would give it a go. I've been looking on the site for a little while and hope to learn from all the folks and information presented here. Thanks!
  22. Hello. My first post here. The seams look great. I was wanting to do something like that on a vest of mine. Would you let me know how you did those seams? The Mexican or round braid? Thanks. Looks very nice
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