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  1. Do your bobbins have anti-backlash springs?
  2. Hi gottaknow, I would benefit having the engineers manual as well. A link would be great. Thanks!
  3. Here is operator manual. Mitsubishi DU-100, -120 Instruction Manual.pdf
  4. Google. Juki anti backlash spring is that the bobbin spring you are talking about?
  5. Thanks for the input and advice. I will get this machine out and see what condition it is in. I will report back with more developments.
  6. Thanks for your insight Eric. Just knowing that manuals are good and parts are available is half the battle. I will dust this machine off and see what shape the beast is in.
  7. Hi All, While not a leather type machine this may be of interest to some here. I have a Reece 101 keyhole machine sitting in storage. Condition unknown. I was thinking of making this a fall project to get it up and running. I am no stranger to lockstitch machines and am not afraid to turn a wrench. Do any of you fine folks have any words of wisdom or hints, tips and tricks about this machine? Thoughts? Thanks.
  8. Looks pretty good. What is diamond plating? Do you actually affix ground up diamonds to the bottom of the presser foot?
  9. Keebz, did you find a solution? I have some ideas. Can you post a pic of the bed of your machine?
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