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  1. download paint.net and the circle text plug in. see if that will do what you're looking for.
  2. easiest way I can think of doing it is to use an airbrush or regular brush and do wide wavy dye areas. an airbrush would let you blend a bit better and get more of a tie dye look though, I'd imagine.
  3. okay, that does it. no more leatherwork for you. you're putting my meager skills to shame and setting the bar too high.
  4. in me ton of research I've done, if ya can't find a good used mannequin and gotta buy a new one, go here. good selection, great prices, great customer service and fast shipping. 2 of the 3 current mannequins I'm using to mold armor I got from here and as soon as I can gonna order at least one more from 'em. if ya do order from here tell 'em Drac Kelley sent ya. I don't get incentives from 'em, but hoping I'll get sumpin if enough peeps do say I sent 'em! *L* and if I don't get anything, oh well, they're still the best I've found. now if I can just find a plus sized female and male mannequin that have a square stance instead of a cocked hip or one foot forward I'll have all the ones I need. any ideas on those? bueller? bueller? anyone?
  5. yep, wore it friday night and most of the day saturday while I was at me booth. know there were a bunch of pics taken, but have only found 2 of 'em online so far. yeah ya do need to get out of there more often. there's a whole 'nother room downstairs! *L* wish I coulda gotten around at least that one though. anyway, here's some mo' bettah pics along with a couple of the "Batman Before" armor. oh yeah, and next year I'm planning to do... Moon Knight! and maybe an oriental based Wolverine too.
  6. you're using bellies, so that leather is gonna be a bit softer and stretchier than, say, a shoulder of the same weight. and look at it this way, using that weight means your bag is gonna outlast most others! *L* as far as stitching versus lacing, depends on what look you're going for and what style bag.
  7. here's everything together with crappy lighting. I'll do some better ones later
  8. the greaves are now done. again tooled the symbols and the dividing lines between the colors. they go about halfway down the foot with an understrap. rider style so they buckle on the inside.
  9. thanks guys. the last 2 pieces should be done tonight and on here. might even decide to try to get everything together and take a piccy with it on.
  10. gauntlets are now done. tooled the line between the colors on the forearm sections and the symbols on the hand pieces.
  11. adding weight (up to a point) requires less work to crack it and it rolls out smoother and straighter (very important for target cracking) with a quality made one.
  12. depends on what type of whip. snakewhips and signal whips have a shotbag for the core that's filled and goes most of the length. some bullwhips are weighted and the shotbag for those goes about 2/3 to 4/5 the length.
  13. the problem with using tungsten for whips is that it's not as soft as lead which can cause the whip to not have a good flex.
  14. golf suppliers carry lead dust and lead strips for weighting under the turkshead.
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