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  1. this thread is inspirational !!! i like to hang my screwups around my shop as reminders, i have a LOT of stuff hanging. One of the more painful memories is from my first bandolier when i was just learning to stitch. 30 loops in 3/4 oz stitched to a 2 1/2 inch 9/10 oz strap, all tooled, stained and sealed. the stitching alone took me 8 hours. all i need to do now is wet the loops and stretch them to fit .45-70 rounds.... you guessed it, it wouldn't stretch near enough, the more i tried the looser the stitches got until they unraveled. That's when i bought my first seam ripper. i have 3 now. that little strap with 30 bumps in it has held up well hanging all these years! this forum is outstanding, whenever i have a question, get stuck, need advice or just inspiration i come here
  2. Yikes!! That doll looks a lot like me before you poke pins in it, let me explain-- in immiketoo's video he mentions cleaning his brushes with benzene. I did a quickie wiki and it turns out there's benzene and benzine. While both are highly flammable volatiles, wiki says "...not to be confused with..." In a nutshell: Benzine is known as petroleum ether because it is so light, and is used as a solvent. Benzene is petrochemical, used as an industrial solvent. It gives gasoline it's sweet smell and is a carcinogen. It's vapors are so nasty it was replaced by toluene which has also been removed from most products like the glue people used to sniff. A respirator is recommended for both.
  3. very cool, thanx! Be Super careful with benzine, the vapors are deadly
  4. French beveler is a handy tool to have around... skive/countersink the back side
  5. Halitech- have you tried kayaking from Nova Scotia to Maine? you'd save on shipping....
  6. I've been using Weldwood for years without a problem, but i bought a squeeze tube of Barge's *new formula* cement (no toluene). Is anyone using this *new formula*? Is it as good as the original? or does my personal adage apply-- "If it's not bad for you, it's probably not any good"
  7. "I see Smith has the airweight listed as a J frame on there website. Just making sure it will work in a pattern for a chefs special." Hmmm I wouldn't send my steak back even if it was overcooked...
  8. Tervetuloa Kata! I'm new to leatherwork and you are right about the people here- they are extremely helpful, polite and talented! I've learned so much so fast here :D I'm half Finn and half Swede, but please don't hold it against me :D I tried to visit your website but i wasn't able to click anything- do you have to sign up to enter? Kiitos, jannu
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