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  1. http://www.chinamaqi.com/cn/product/9800.html This is a Mitsubishi 4400 copy.I don't know if there is an Uk dealer for this brand. I have bought one about two years ago and I'm very pleased with it. Brand new with a powerful 750W electronic motor paid 900 euro.
  2. Hello! I was reading what you wrote about the Singer 18-3 and I want to ask you about the feed dogs on this machine. Mine is missing the screw that under the cylinder and I saw that you have made some modification to your machine. On my machine, the feed dogs wheel doesn't rotate when I'm trying to sew something and I don't know what's the problem.

    Thank you!

    1. EmilK




      If you removed all the parts around Feed Wheel and especially part 6498 Feed Wheel Driver, the Feed Wheel should rotate around smoothly. I assume your part is clean and for spining around you dont need any oil, if it doesn’t you have a serious problem.

      If you mean a screw that holds – part 16168 Feed Wheel Driver Spring (this is the only screw on the bottom of cylinder arm) you have no choice but to be patient and maybe you'll find it somewhere (maybe on e-bay) someday, otherwise you have to cut / to make a new thread and a new screw or leave it to someone with skills.


  3. 886€ including VAT,free shipping.I've already bought it...Indeed 9mm stitch,750W servo,from a dealer.Just for fun I have to mention that before contacting the dealer,I phoned to the Mitsubishi dealer from here and asked for a LS2-4400 price.The answer: 5355 euro including VAT...I just hope that the clone will do its job.
  4. Mitsubishi LU2-4400 indeed.So, would worth 880 euro for the Maqi clone?Thank you Constabulary for your help.
  5. Hello leatherworker, I am looking for a triple feed to buy and found this Maqi LS -H4400. Never heard of it and can't find any details other than 9mm stitch length,16mm foot lift, DPx17 needle.Price new with servo motor...about 900$. So is this a Juki copy in the end?Does it resembles to any other model or brand you may know? Thank you.
  6. I have another machine that I use the most.A chinese Jack 6380,and this one takes 135x17 (DP x 17)needles,a very common and easy to find system.So I had to adapt the singer to this size too.Very easy to do,just move the needle bar up or down until the hook tip catches the thread loop.This is not a heavy weight machine,so will not sew very thick materials or very thick leather.It was design for shoes industry.I primary use the 90 size of the needle,it works fine with 100 maybe 110 but a higher size will show that is struggling to make the job.About the dog feed wheel...this is a no reverse sewing machine so the whell will always run forward,the maximum distance between the needle's holes will be 5mm.To reach the 5mm you have to play with the screw in the image below.It won't work if it's too tight or too loose.With a little patience you'll get it right.
  7. Hello there,...I was in your shoes a few years ago,bought my Singer 18 for about 40 dollars , not working condition with parts missing.After cleaning,lubing and adjusting it (a lot),now is working fine.After all this I can tell you not to hurry and spend a lot of money for parts.First see what can still be used,then what can be repaired or manufactured by yourself and in the end what you need to buy.And I'm saying this because the nowadays replacement parts are either cheap but poor quality or VERY expensive but good quality.I'll take for example the shuttle hook for the singer 18, on eBay it is for sale for about 18-20 dollars(SE Asia),but on college-sewing.co.uk it can be found as the " TF1=048001252 Hirose shuttle hook made in Japan excellent quality" for 55,40 pounds without VAT and postage.About your needle throat plate,I'll try to use it first as it is,and if it's not working then try to change it.I'll attach some pictures of my Singer to see what I"ve done,remember it was not working with missing parts.Now as you can see in the picture it sew through 2.8 mm thick leather using a 90 needle and about 60 or 70 thread,and I think that's not too bad for a 90 years old lady.Take a special care about the spring in the last picture,you'll find it under the arm and it's responsible with the good function of the feed dogs.Good luck!
  8. You're right ....The Mansfeld it's back in working condition,but I can't rely on it only due to the poor condition of its bobbin case.She does have a very beautiful stich though.I hope that maybe I"ll ever find another one to fit on it.Thank you.
  9. Hi...I use vinegar to remove rust from metal.Cheap alchool based vinegar.Just put the rusted parts in a small or a larger plastic tub,and leave it there for a day or two.Then scrape the softened rust and old paint with a soft metal brush,rinse with water and dry it with an old cloth or a strong heat source.Immediately give it a coat of oil or any other metal grease and there you have it prepared for the paint restoration.The cast iron can be weld with TIG,WIG, MIG welding machine.(Please,can you post a picture with the ROBERT KIEHLE's bobbin case and maybe tell its sizes.I have an old Mansfeld in working order but with a cracked bobin case and I would like to seek for a better one,thank you.)
  10. Hi to everyone,just bought a few days ago a Juki ACNP-MOO2 550W servo motor.Found it on an online market and the seller was very poor with the details.Beeing a cheap deal (35$ including postage) I had bought it,thinking that I'll manage with it somehow.Only after its arrival realised that there isn't the regular small weight servo motor I know from my sewing machine.It's a 30 pounds beast.It's the motor only,no controll box or an on/off box.It has 3 cables coming out of it but I can't tell which one is which.I would like to try to see if it's working but I can only guees which are the power wires,so I better leave it alone.Can anyone tell more about this motor,anyone used this model before?What do I need to test it,or to make it run again.What control box do I need to look for?If I can't use it on a sewing machine can be used as it is,without the controller,for something else like a homemade polishing machine or belt sander?Thank you.
  11. http://www.duerkopp-adler.com/commons/download/download-text-attachments/Vintage_Parts_Books_Adler/68_Naeheinrichtungen_Sewing_equipments.pdf https://www.college-sewing.co.uk/Durkopp-Adler-67_68_167-Sewing-Machine-Parts
  12. Yesterday I was having the same problem with my sewing machine....After about half an hour,after checking and rechecking I've seen that the needle was incorrectly set,by mistake,facing the wrong way.After rotating it 180' the machine starts working as it should.So I think you've also set the needle in a faulty manner.
  13. Hi,maybe this guy could help you...give it a try and ask him. http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?app=galleryℑ=6930
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