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  1. with all the fancy tooling...but with your work simplicity made you stand out among us. adn the stitching alone spells elegance.

  2. as always sing... your work is perfection. very clean and elegant. no need to tool or carve your leather the stitching alone says it all, how much attention you have on making your work look great! i have been sicking my nose unto stitching all my practice projects...if only i could make my stitching halsf as clean as yours. before i saw and knew you i thought a leather product would be great

  3. Thank you guys for the kind words. I was able to make it a nice clean design because I didn't have to add a belt loop to it. Didn't want to carry this long and heavy knife on my belt. It's going to sit in the car most of the time and then it'll be out of the sheath in the plantation and stuck to a tree or the ground. There is a welt on this sheath singteck
  4. Just completed this. Took 4 hrs because I don't have to make any belt loop. This one is hand or bag carry only. Don't want to strap such a heavy blade to my belt. The strap swings away so that it does not get cut by the blade. Comments are welcomed. singteck
  5. singteck

    Gum Tragacanth

    The best place to buy gum tragacanth is a pro bakery supplier. They come in powder form and you need to mix it with water. About one table spoon full with about 500ml of water. You can put more or less depending on the thickness that you want. It is best to mix in some "dettol" because that would prevent the gum from going bad. Do not try to mix the powder into the water when you first add it. They will not mix. Just give the container a shake and leave it over night. The powder will soke up the water and turn into a paste. Add water to get the consistency that you want. singteck
  6. Thank you for the support everyone! :D The bag have already reached the customer so I am not able to take any more photos. The tops right photo shows the joint. It is what you see. Just a butt joint with box stitch. singteck PS: One more happy customer
  7. Thank you guys! Seems like that's my style at the moment. singteck
  8. Made this for a customer. Designed to carry the students' books. It's 3mm vegetable tanned leather, handstitched with natural linen thread. singteck
  9. Thank you. As for the tutorial, refer to post #9. I've post a link there. Cheers singteck
  10. Looks good. What do you use inside the wrap? I am thinking of doing something liket that. singteck
  11. I think that is perfect the way it is. I love the brown leather trim at the bottom. Well done! singteck
  12. Thank you everyone :D The thread is hand twisted using natural single strand thread. It's the same as a 18/3 thread when done. The needle is a normal no. 1 saddler's needle. When stitching, you have to be consistent with the placement of the needle and thread for every stitch. You have to make sure the lay of the thread is the same for every stitch. The tension on the thread have to be consistent too. A lot of practice helps. Cheers singteck
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