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  1. Hay; just got my order of 346 thread from http://www.neelsaddlery.com/ and the tread was LINHANYL for $18.00 per lbs. you can call him at (330)692-1418 Ryan Neel is very fast at shipping to you and very helpful on the phone
  2. The cutting wheels are just screwed on but I don't remember if the threads are right or left handed I haven't had mine apart for a long time, you should have a flat spot on two sides to put a wrench on, hold the handle with one hand and turn the wrench with the other.
  3. Scott I see no reply to your question so I will give you a sight that I have used many times http://www.mcmaster....ee-nuts/=g4k9w1 I don't want to step on any sales so I waited for a while.
  4. hi hobageeba; The feed is close to that used by the Boss stitcher. I seen one one you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZLHO9820zg it looks to be a good choice, but take some leather with you and ask if you can try it with the material that you need to sew (take plenty with you) give it a good run. Also look at the back side to make sure the stitches look good on both sides (pick it apart so to say) look for anything that might not be right and ask questions about every thing, you don't want to pay now and pay later to fix it. I bought 135k103 once that i did not run but was told it would not work, took it home and spent 5hours cleaning it up, checking it over, new oil----walla, it sews great (this machine was very dirty) So the best advice I can give you is to look very closely at it. good luck!!!!!
  5. sixer One more thing to think about, ----the snaps on this style I like to use PULL THE DOT snaps just a thought.
  6. Hi JK, You could also look into ZACKS http://zackwhite.com or http://springfieldleather.com but stick with the oil base as the water base will come off with sweet or other water. there is a post here some where (could not find it) that tells the difference in the types of finishes but if you go to the DYES, ANTIQUES, STAINS, GLUES, WAXES, FINISHES and check out what others are doing---there is about as many ways to do finishes as there are post on this sight, good reading, good info.
  7. have you talked to JOHANNA? she keeps this sight going. give her a PM.
  8. Hi Ron 6 to 7 oz will work very well, easy to shape and will hold its shape giving you good retention to hold the gun in place, it also will work well for your mag pouches. but getting leather from Tandy???? It would be best if you can go to the store and pick it out in person, the firmer the leather the better the holster will be, if you order over the net they can send you what ever they grab, it may not be what you want or can use.
  9. most of my tools I have picked up here and there (auctions, e-bay and even friends) it all depends on how much of ones retirement you want to keep from the kids LOL low end tools would be the craft tools and the high end would be made with damascus steel. just about any of them will have to be sharped when you get them. the better tools do make leather work easier. one thing that works good for shaping is deer antler in different sizes. not a lot of help I know but someone with more tool knowledge can chime in and help you more.
  10. Hi same here. Get all 3 books, The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making, volume I, II & III. they even make a good reference for repairs Stohlman is very detailed in telling you how to make the saddle and the tools he uses.
  11. Is the USMC FIEBING'S an oil dye? (I'm not familiar with USMC) If it is then yes you can use a deglazier or go get a can of acetone from the hardware store it should take most of the black off and what ever finish is on the leather, let dry completely. this will dry the leather out so when you die the leather it should soak in very fast no pooling on top of the leather, give it at lest two coats, you might try a different brand of die, KELLY'S die from ZACKS might help it has more oil in the mix. also you could mix a little oil in the FIEBING'S if it is an oil die. DO NOT mix oil with an institutional die (water based) good luck with this as I know how frustrating this can be, I have had die soak in in one place and not in others all on the same peice of leather and you try all kinds of things to save all the work you have already done. let us know how thing work out.
  12. I agree a Sharp tool is a must and use a heavy rawhide maul. I use a split head maul, shoe sole leather to protect the edge of the tool, on a granite slab (or an anvil) placed at the corner of the bench with a 4x4 leg; works good.
  13. Campbell Bosworth has lots of info here is some links http://www.campbell-bosworth.com/catalog/index.php/cPath/3_125 http://www.campbell-bosworth.com/supply/needles.html I have ordered for them all orders came with out a problem, very nice to talk to on the phone, helpful too.
  14. Help Johanna i can't find a country to change ----I'm with out a country LOL could you be so kind as to give me a country and flag (USA) thank you for all that you do for all of us. happy new year
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