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  1. Hi Dave, Aart here from France. I once ( 20 years ago I'm afraid) used a through and through Aluminium or was it Aluin hide. It was beautiful and very soft. So soft I couldn't use it for the harness it was intended for. ;-) It came from Ehrlich Leder in Germany. Maybe worth giving them a call or send them a mail ? Best regards Aart.
  2. Thank you gentlemen, Called my farrier for an appointment Have a good weekend Best Aart.
  3. Hell there, My old mare has a now recurring problem inside her front leg hoof (2nd abscess in 3 month time) With the vet we opened the sole and away went the pain. Medication for several days and a new dressing each afternoon before going out into the paddock at night. It is rather warm here in Southern France now ;-) Next morning when she comes in the bandage is still there but the bandaged 'sole' is gone and there is grit in the pit, which is far from ideal. Question is, as I'm a kind of a leather smith, is there someone around who has made a kind of protecting 'boot' from a sturdy piece of leather. Sturdy enough to keep in place for some time. If not I'll have to ask my farrier for help. Any help or ideas greatly appreciated. Best Aart.
  4. Hi Mark, Maybe ask Nigel Armitage. He is left handed. best Aart
  5. Hi Chris, Thank you..Yes you are probaly right, they are those ‘hood’ studs. used on cars and boats. I received an answer yesterday from Loxx. I’ hope they can send me a picture, as I’m not sure that theirs are exactly the finish I am looking for. We keep on plowing ;-; have a good day all Aart
  6. Thank you Immiketoo, Charon and Gigi, Yes I 'found' Loxx too. But they do not answer my questions. (Although I even tried to write them in German, but probably my German is not flawless ;-) ((Oberteil mit grosser glatter kopf in voll messing und nicht verchromt)) My question to them was if they do their Buttons in Glossy Brass and with a 'flat' head (without the tiny raised dome in the middle) I've seen the 'loxx' trademark on their buttons and on the ones I need there is just 'Germany' and no 'Loxx'. So I wonder if the ones I saw are maybe from another factory ? Many thanks anyway for your interest and help. I'll try Loxx in English. Who knows Best; Keep on stitching. Aart
  7. Hi everybody, I wonder if somebody knows where to buy these brass buttons. They appear to come from Germany but after endless googling (and a none reply from 'Loxx') I wonder where to find them. Best Aart. Bouton les 2.pdf
  8. Hi there, why not glue the flat parts of the lining fabric to carton ? Best Aart
  9. Hi there I live close to the Italian border and instead of ordering everything in Paris or England it might be more interesting to find someone less far away. So the question is: does anybody know of an ITALIAN business selling brass buckles and general horse tack hardware in Italy ? Best regards Aart.
  10. Good day to all. This morning one of our carpenters (knowing that I'm into saddlery) asked if I could make something to protect his fingers whilst pulling the bowstring ? Suppose that must hurt in the end .... so no doubt it exists. - Iv'e absolutely no idea how that's called. - No idea what( pattern to use either One finger or two or three together ? Kind of glove just fior the finger tips ? - Some ideas on material. But advise more than welcome. Any ideas for you lot? Thank you in advance (from a suddenly very hot South of France) Best Aart.
  11. Once again what a wonderful Forum... Sylvia, Amuckart and Gesa; Thank you Articles have been read, Book has been ordered. The kids went bck last week and I may spend some time there... I'll try to keep you posted. Best regards Aart.
  12. Hello everybody, Let me tell you about -what you call- a research project. Living archeology. This summer my kids (25 and 20) went to build a castle. No sandcastle - no dream castle- ROCK and Tmber ! Here back in France, in 1997 a group of enthousiasts started to build a 12th century castle from the bottom up. The project will take some 25 years to finish but they are getting there. http://www.guedelon.fr The building material they find on site. With ancient techniques and handmade tools they are forgetting time. No that’s wrong: They are focussing on time, Well spent! In the beginning the project needed some initial and financial help but now is completely self supporting. ( 3 000 visitors per day) And each and every craftsman (there are around 60 of them) explains and shows what he does. What his part in this project means. And all of them are happy and show their pride in their craftmanship. Now why this on Leaterworker? They do not use any electrical or motorised tool or engine. They’ve built their lifting machines. They make their own rope. They cut down their own oak trees. It is truly awesome AND inspiring. And so they have two Percherons horses for all transport. BUT when I went to visit I was ofcourse drawn to the stables and amazed to find that a modern harness with liverpools are being used. What an anachronism... The idea is to help. Is there anybody on this forum with research information on 12th century horse tack. I’ve looked through the reenactment part but found nothing on medieaval horse tack. Please ??? Regards Aart
  13. Hi Lilly, - Might be your awl needs some sharpening. - Or the angle is not exactly 90° - Or you hold your project in your hand and not in the clamps - Or the quality of your leather is not satisfactory I would start sharepening your awl. Best Aart.
  14. Hi Critical, Well you are on your way for a lot of fun. Veg tanned leather would do for a starter. Thin I would say 1-1,5mm For the rest read the pinned "wet formed bag" article at the top of this page one more time. "Lacing ?" What lacing? Stitching and do not start with a 10 pi. You'll learn. And please, please do not stop when your first project does not work out. The third or fourth will be OK Best, and keep us posted, Aart.
  15. Hi Joanna, All OK ? Any idea why I'm not allowed to look at the pics from the Mitered corners in the" how do I " forum? Best Aart. Name: Aart Hooymeyer UserName: Aart IP Address: Email Address: a.hooymeyer@handstand.fr
  16. Thanks Luke, Wishing you health and laughter Aart.
  17. Hi Luke, how are you ? Thank you for your comment. Hand sewing here too, but....... same problem and probably coming to an identical solution. What type of Adler is that you are using ? Electrical or 'hand' Adler Might be easier to find one back here in Europe. Last time I bought something from the States the import duties were 'killing' (They charge 2350 $ for the above stichtcher here....) Friendly regards Aart.
  18. Hi Bob, Thank you that was fast. Regards Aart.
  19. Hi, I would like to receive some info please. Does anybody know or use this stitcher ? Is it any good and who makes it? Regards Aart.
  20. Hi Mr Nutty Saddler from Hungary, Very nice job, Especial the roller, can see you use your stuff. Rings where we need them and reinforced where it needs to be stronger. Shaped girth looks comfortable too. Extra d rings next to the caveçon iron is certainly an idea. So you were not able to source a brass caveson iron either ???? (I personally now use a "Vienna" type cavecon with an added cheekpiece for a full cheek and double broken snaffle.) As a matter of interest I would like to know for how much you sell the set (I'm not buying nor selling) just making things alike for my friesians. Best regards Aart. (Somewhere in Southern France)
  21. Aart

    Pessoa Reins

    thanks Jo, Being Dutch and loving horses too. I knew the site and had read the article. But Chambon just gets her head down (or no I should say 'Not up') And I want her to use her back more by bringing the head down plus her hindfeet under. Thanks anyway. Aart
  22. Good day to everyone, Have got a young mare here who is not too enthousiastic in using her back. Has anybody on this forum sizes for Pessoa reins? I will try her with that. Thanks in advance Best regards Aart.
  23. Dwight. Sorry for this late reply. People tend to work these days. Cut Round in a full hide. as proposed would be my option. I was always told that stitching does weaken a strap. Now that's a topic: "does stiching weaken a piece of leather" Twice I had to make full lenght tandem lines that way. (Once for myself (still using them) and after that another pair for a friend) (Originally, A Tandem has got nothing to do with cycling, but is a horse drawn turn-out where two horses are driven from a two wheel cart. One in front of the other. The front one being almost free and 'kept' in between 'law and leash' . So, for the front one you really need long straps of leather. And that -If possible- without any stichtes. Just thought that I should share the following: If I remember well from school (that was something like 40 years ago) this story really started in Troy - Greece (or Eastern Turkey that is I know) The Greek god son Ilos (Zeus' I think (not sure)) was given a piece of land that could be covered with a cowhide. He then cut round and round a very, very long strap and the surface of the troyan township roy was born. (The Troyan 'orse came later) Best Aart.
  24. More serious John, I think a glass jar has often a not smooth rim at the bottom. It would 'hurt' your project I'm afraid. Abbey in England sells these bouncers http://www.abbeysadd...il.cfm?id=FS027 They're not that expensive but 'freight' might be more expensive than your actual item. Best Aart.
  25. Now that's a very good idea John. First I'll go out to find a Pole and then a sitter with a spoon. Thanks Aart.
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