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  1. Wowza, what a collection!!! It'll be worth it, I know you'll sell all of them this christmas!!! Just take some glucosamine pills, all will be fine
  2. That looks amazing!!! Looks perfect to me. What a cool design. I rather see a little rough places that are handmade rather than machine made any day.
  3. I burn my thread ends, and it's been working good for me, but I know you want durability so I think it's worth the risk back stitching. I know it'd add double the thickness, but you should fold the seam in again to get rid of the raw edges or paint them (that can get just as messy though). I was lucky enough to find a Brockman paring machine that can do my edges, but I sometimes get a new double edged razor blade with a binder clip at the end or use cut proof gloves with it to skive delicate leather like lambskin. I actually bought some Peachey paring knives recently, and if you can afford them, they are worth it! The english paring knives will work for you and they are $140 or $180. They can skive lambskin so easily. He's a great guy and he makes amazing knives that make skiving edges a dream. Check out jeffpeachey.com for those knives.
  4. Hahaha... I totally know it! Don't want them to get lonely, they are clearly social.
  5. I agree. I think it looks cooler too! Do you know if the older seikos were built better? Or are they pretty much the same machine? I think I can live without the reverse function.
  6. Great, thanks so much. I was leaning towards the Seiko anyways since it's the closest to me!
  7. You're awesome. Still wonder if reverse is worth 750 extra though. Thanks!
  8. I am able to get these two seikos. They are the same model CW-8b, but look completely different. Is one better than the other? They come with the same setup (table, servo motor), but the machine on the bottom that is darker is less than half the price of the white version pictured on top. Thanks!
  9. Hi Everyone, I am able to get the Seiko CW-8b (cheapest), Pfaff 335 and a Techsew 2700 (most expensive) machines, around the same price as each other, from reputable dealers that would provide help after the sale. The Pfaff and Seiko are used, in great condition, and come with servo motors. So which one should I get? I am making small leather goods and bags at the moment and want a well made machine that will last and sew with 138 thread (maybe 207, but I know that might not be realistic). I look forward to any help. Thanks!
  10. I think it looks great!!!! Love the contrasting colors too!
  11. This is an old post, but I have a 40 watt laser and stingray. What settings do you recommend and do you cut it from the front?
  12. Great, can't wait to see it! And of course she liked it!
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