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  1. Hi, Amy. I sent you a PM. If you'll email me, I'll send you a PDF with Craftaid instructions.
  2. Well, I couldn't see the map, Kate, but I could see the pins, and I was able to see lots of those with different folks names. Ah, computers....
  3. Wow! Very nice. A tutorial would be great.
  4. I have the two by Chuck Burrows, and my only regret with buying the sheathmaking one is that I took so long to do so! Having learned my lesson, I bought the holster one as soon as it came out. They are excellent and well worth the investment.
  5. I've been doing it the 'old-fashioned way', I guess. I copy the link to the forum, put it in an email to a friend, and tell them to check it out.
  6. Very cool, Jim. Like your idea of the electric lights, too, Shirley.
  7. Wild Things is a free program for making hats and bags and such. http://www.wildginger.com/products/wildthings.htm
  8. I did something... but I'm not sure what.
  9. You might try Hide Crafter - they had the tapes/dvds in their last catalog. 888-263-5277
  10. I see I didn't comment when this was first posted - must've been too busy drooling! Appreciate the additional pics.
  11. Jim M


    Also, Chris, Hide Crafter has some videos you might check into. 888-263-5277
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