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  1. Ash

    Leather Bag Sample

    Hi, if you prefer an EU based craftsman, I'm from Italy and I think I can make what are you requesting, so please send me an email to discuss about it at fattidicuoio [at] gmail [dot] com Thank you Francesco
  2. Thank you for your reply. Another question about the knife: is the ceramic blade from Elle as well or is it a Tandy blade? my compliments again
  3. Excellent work, I really like it! I think that brass hardware or "vintage" (worn) look steel could help the final look. just my thought p.s.: a question: what swivel knife is that?
  4. you can take a plier and remove the second prong!
  5. Hi I can do them as well, I have another shape in mind we can discuss, if you prefer a EU based leatherworker, I am from Italy, so please get in touch if interested: www.fattidicuoio.it
  6. Hi, I'm interested too, I'm an Italy based leatherworker. If this sounds ok for you, please send me a PM or contact me at: fattidicuoio [at] gmail [dot] com so we can discuss it. Thank you Francesco
  7. Thank you yes, it's hard enough to use as valet, I don't mean use to carry glasses of wine... It's wet formed
  8. Hi all, this is my last piece, it's a tray (useful also as table centerpiece) made with veg tanned leather (shoulder), 3mm thick, hand tooled and dyed. Measure 33x33x4 cm Thanks for looking
  9. Ash

    Non-Metal Belt Buckle

    thank you all for suggestions and ideas, very much appreciated all ideas are good alternatives (velcro, mechanic, etc.) that I will take in consideration, but first I want to try to find a classic buckle that is made in a material that is not metal. Ohio doesn't have it. If I will not find that, I will propose my friend those alternatives, so please don't stop
  10. Ash

    Non-Metal Belt Buckle

    thanks for the reply. I think that titanium has the same problem as other metals (he cannot wear also gold and silver), but I will check For the second problem, it is not a problem anymore because the customer is a very good friend, so no problems at all for that. what about plastic buckle? any idea on where to find?
  11. Hi all, a customer asked me to make a belt with a buckle that must have no metal parts, since he is allergic to all metals. He needs a "classic" buckle (I proposed him a D-ring belt with plastic o wooden D-rings but he prefer a classic one). Do you have any suggestion on where to find it? Better in Europe but every suggestion is welcome Thank you Ash
  12. try have a look here http://www.bushcraftuk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=87381
  13. thanks for reply... just a detail: I will not use the boning tool, just put it in a shape by hand and let it dry, so no tools will be used on carving the final object will be like this one, and the tooling will be on the flat ground:
  14. Hi folks, I searched in other topics but i didn't find the answer... sorry if this is a repetition I'm doing a floral carved piece, it will be a valet (or a tray) and I'm going to wet form it after the carving and dyeing So how to do it? I was thinking about doing the carving, let it dry, dye it and antiquing and then re-wet and mold, but maybe there are two problems: 1) antiquing will fade with water since it is water-based 2) carving details will be lost by re-wetting it and molding? Any suggestion will be so much appreciated thanks a lot Ash
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