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  1. joshua3

    Happy New Year

    Hi leathercrafters, I wish all of you a happy New Year. i hope you will make many great projects in 2018. Best regards, J.P.
  2. Hi leathercrafters I wonder what is the correct procedure. First oiling and than dying or first dying and than oiling. I usually use Fiebings proffesional oil dye. Thanks J.
  3. Hello leathercrafters, So far I've been using Seiwa diamond stitching chisels. I was Pretty much satisfied wit them however I decided to give a try to another irons. Since Wuta and Crazy Cut chisels are in same price range and reviews found on internet are rather good for both brands I wonder if anybody have Experiences with both of them. I look forward to hear further information / Experiences which might point me to easier decision which sets to pick Best regards, J.P.
  4. joshua3

    Composition Notebook Cover

    many thanks
  5. joshua3

    Medieval/renaissance/fantasy Pattern Pack

    I am interested of course too. thanks for sharing
  6. joshua3

    Sealing Dyed Lacing Thongs

    Hi letahercrafters I wonder what is the best way to seal self dyed laces (to prevent the color go off and make a mess on articles ) Best regards, J.P.
  7. joshua3

    Where To Buy Tools Online?

    I don't know about leathercrafttools, but none of the tools from goodsjapan didn't let me down so far.
  8. joshua3

    Left Handed Stitcher And Pricking Irons

    Even that is thrue... But If you see his videos, sewing left handed, sewing right handed... there is indeed no difference in which hand you give him the tools. Master of masters sorry for but I couldn't help
  9. joshua3

    Pen Case

    Well done. Like it
  10. joshua3

    Information About

    Awersome ! I paid for 2 pieces your dimmension + some small tools more than 50€ for shipping regards
  11. joshua3

    Information About

    I bought leather from them some time ago and many tools as well. The shipping to my loacation was rather high, but I was really happy with the quality of leather I received. regards, J.
  12. joshua3

    Long Wallet Pattern

    Hi Bzyk, have you seen any of those posts? regards, J.
  13. Hi, I have read the great pricking irons reviews, many thanks for all information you provided Nige ! I decided to give a try and order either Seiwa or Craft Sha stitching chisel and try it. I have a couple products from goodsjapan and I must say I'm quite satisfied with them. I'd like to hear your opinion which one brand to choose. Best regards, J.
  14. joshua3

    Small Shoulder Bag

    Well done Tboyce
  15. joshua3

    Leather Weights / Thickness

    Hi, I'm usually using: wallets: external parts 1.2-1.6 mm (3/4 oz); pockets 0.8-1.2 mm (2/3 oz) belts: 3-4 mm (approx. 8/10 oz) sheaths: 3-3.5 mm (approx. 7/9 oz) somethimes thinner bags: 2.5-3.5 mm (approx. 6/9 oz) depands on the size regards, J.