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  1. I have done my wallet with 1mm double shoulder leather. it was my ever first project. its been 2 and half years now and the wallet holds very good. I think making a wallet without a pattern its tricky. I have purchased the pattern online including a video step by step how yo do it and it was more than helpful.
  2. I am using also fiebings dye and it doesnt leak if you allow it to dry properly after each application. very good!. i prefer to avoid acrylic resolin as a finish and I am using carnauba cream.
  3. Is it a hand gun looking at wrong direction?
  4. Nice! You will be coming better and better with every project
  5. I am using fiebings oil dyes and i apply a coat of carnauba cream and a coat of gum tracaganth. Everything I havw done seems fine. Give it some time to dry after applying each coat
  6. Hi there Lois. I used a stitching weel for this project. I already ordered for a stitching punch and I am waiting it to come.
  7. hi guys!!. I hope you are doing great! I have attached some images from my first project and I would like some comments on it. E.g for improvements. Regards Demetris
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