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  1. Well, this totally sucks. Karl
  2. K-Man, I wanted them, I was waiting for you to get back to me. I never got any message about them. Karl
  3. K-Man, I thought you were looking into shipping these to me. We were discussing this and you were going to get back to me. Now they are sold? Is this correct? Karl
  4. I'll take it, if you're willing to post to the UK and can accept a Paypal payment. Email me: karl@karlderrick.com Cheers, Badger
  5. I'm in the UK and I'm in need of a leather ventilator punch, the kind with replaceable cutter tubes. Here's an example of what I'm talking about: http://zackwhite.com/xcart/images/T/t-16486-2210.jpeg Email me :karl@jkarlderrick.com If you have one looking for a good home. Thanks, Badger
  6. I've decided to lower the price one last time to try and find her a home . Final price is now GBP£999.00 This is an absolute bargain. Pick up from Greenford/Southall area, Postcode UB6 9QD Questions 0208 575 7550 Cheers, Badger
  7. New lower price. Here's the Ebay auction: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270733748064&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Badger
  8. This is my Singer 45B8BC (Seiko CH8). The Rolls Royce of heavy duty leather machines. The machine is in fact a Seiko CH8 made in Japan and branded for Singer. The engineer who serviced it last week told me it is definitely a Seiko and all parts are fully interchangeable. This machine will sew more than 3/4" of heavy leather. The foot lift is almost one and a quarter inches. It sews with a beautiful, even, adjustable stitch and has a built in reverse. It's mounted on a substantial bench and comes complete with motor with the Efko Variostop controller. It has a needle position sensor and knows where the needle is at all times. I have the controller set at low speed, which I find easily fast enough for my needs, but it is fully adjustable. A back kick on the pedal lifts the needle out of the work and back to top dead centre. Speed control pedal is on the left, foot lift on the right. Throat depth is 16 inches. Throat clearance height is 8 inches. Also included is an 8 LED needle light which floodlights the needle area. I'll supply the machine with about 20 needles and four high capacity bobbins and an additional set of walking feet. This machine is a bargain at what I paid for it, £1,990.00 I'm in Greenford, London borough of Ealing. I would prefer the buyer collect. Any questions call me on 0208 575 7550 Karl
  9. I'm after a Weaver EZ EDger, the one with 4 blades, or similar. I'm in the UK. Cheers, Badger
  10. Hi Andy, Welcome. Even more Brits, excellent! There are some very good people here. Badger
  11. badger

    Hi from UK

    Another Brit, excellent! Welcome. Good people here. Badger
  12. badger

    Makers Mark

    I case the piece thoroughly, then wait until it's almost dry to the touch. Dry enough that that it only feels damp against your lips or cheek. I give it one good whack. The next day, when the piece is dry you can position the stamp again in the first impression, gently finding the right position, and them give it another whack. This tends to make a clean, sharp, deeply impressed, but shiny and compressed mark. But, I have a hard time getting a clean single impression first time. These days I have the stamp made up as a 3/8ths thick delrin plate and use the press to make the impression. Badger
  13. Lovely old machine. You'll get her going again with a bit of work. DJ's correct, Aaron Martin in Canada is your best best. They're an Amish company and don't like email too much, but will respond given time. They do carry a new shuttle in stock. The shuttle race guides you may need to have made. Or you can make them yourself. The guides on both my machines are soft brass. Ask Aaron Martin for advice. It's rare to see one on it's original stand. Most were bolted to benches in factories. The stands are quite valuable. The fact that it doesn't say 'Pearson' on it probably means it was imported privately from England. Pearson were the USA and Canada distributors and machines imported by them had a 'Pearson' flywheel. Badger
  14. Chuck, Lovely, lovely work. Such an eye for historical accuracy. Beautiful. Badger
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