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  1. Kustomizer

    As Seen On Ebay

    Nice, I like it!!
  2. Kustomizer

    Working On A New Seat.

    Another great looking seat!
  3. Kustomizer

    The Bomb

    Very cool looking seat!
  4. Kustomizer

    Tattoo Themed Seat

    Cool looking seat. I really like old school tattoo artwork and I think it's perfect for leather tooling.
  5. Hey hey , not much for public jeers would you take a look at the tool bag I made and tell me what you think its in my gallerys titled tool bag or sumthin creative like that seeing as we have the same artistic interests id really appreciate it. Cheers Damion

  6. Kustomizer

    Another new seat for my bike

    Very Nice!
  7. Kustomizer

    Tattoo Themed Seat

    Cool looking seat, I like it!
  8. Kustomizer

    Deus Vult Seat Finished.

    Awesome looking seat!
  9. Kustomizer

    Advice On Seat Pans

    I also use Kevin's pans
  10. Kustomizer

    Toolbag Finally Finished,

    No problem, thought I'd ask. Great looking toolbag!
  11. Kustomizer

    Toolbag Finally Finished,

    Awesome looking! That is the next project I need to undertake. Do you have any pics of the back?
  12. Kustomizer

    Latest Motorcycle Seat

    Great looking seat!
  13. Kustomizer

    Solo Seat, Carved And Airbrushed

    Looks Great!
  14. Kustomizer

    Latest Seat

    Just thought I'd post a pic of a seat I made for someone in New Zealand. It was a new challenge for me as it was a lot of sculpting(molding) and hardly any cutting and tooling. Only the outside and up into the ears, the eyeballs and mouth and a little around the nose were cut with a swivel knife and tooled, everything else was done with small sculpting spoons and pear shaders. I had to do a couple of practice pieces and get some advice (thanks Johan). Anyways, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and it looks much better in person.