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  1. Niles, for what it's worth I'm not sure the Blanchard tools are a good buy value wise. I have mostly Blanchard stuff that I bought two years ago, when I first started, thinking they were a very high end tool and I was a bit disappointed with the finish quality on many of them. They are built sturdy enough but the finish is seriously lacking on many of them - for the price you pay anyway. Following the threads here I have been turned onto a number of tool makers that make some pretty amazing tools for the same or not much more than a comparable Blanchard item. Again, I own mostly Blanchard stuff and they are fine enough, just not what I thought they were going to be when I got them, and certainly not as finely finished as many of the Asian tools I have picked up, FWIW.
  2. I've found the results I get with Feibings are much closer to Djole. No dilution and get a nice oxblood color consistently, usually hit the leather twice to ensure an even color, but it is very oxblood. I may try the dilution rate you have used though, that is almost a highlighter pink color, cool, but your right not oxblood.
  3. Levinus, Sent you a PM, have a few items I am interested in if you still have them.
  4. Can't help on the rivets, but I would encourage you to check out your local drapery or upholstery trade suppliers if you are looking at purchasing grommets in bulk. If you don't have a local shop (almost every area has at least one upholstery shop or drapery workroom) you could always check out Rowleycompany.com if you don't have a local supplier.
  5. Doh! Nope, didn't know that Gary so I guess I spoke out of turn. So while they do have it, I guess they are somewhat limited in their options, thanks for the heads up.
  6. I've only ordered Giardini direct but recently found out that Campbell Randall also stocks Giardini, for those of us in North America FWIW.
  7. Mokerson

    Skiving Machine

    Wiz, More great info, very much appreciated! I see more than a few desperate pleas for help in my future on this site!
  8. Mokerson

    Skiving Machine

    Thanks Ferg. I have read that they have a bit of a learning curve, but I was under the impression once you learned how to run them they were a great addition. So I guess I better prep myself to deal with another finicky machine, we had a Pfaff that we bought locally and no matter what we did to the thing we could never get it to run right. Had it serviced by one of the local dealers three of four times and just couldn't get the timing sorted and it was always having issues with the thread. Every time I hear of a machine being finicky I think back to that damn thing. At least now I can mentally prep myself.
  9. Thanks for the link Petewon. Always nice to read the experiences folks have with this stuff rather than what the manufacturers "sales-ified" presentation of the product says. Great to hear you have not had any adhesion issues with either, though based on how the blog post reads I would imagine that the adhesive base coat they offer (can't remember what they call it) would be a solution for those leathers that give you issues? Have you used that before Peteweon?
  10. Petewon, Gigi, Curious, why do you prefer the Semi-Dense over the Dense?
  11. Mokerson

    Skiving Machine

    So I am on the hunt for a nice used skiving machine. Haven't been able to find a good used Fortuna (in the states anyway) so I was looking at a FAV, but new they are still pretty steep. So I am interested in a quality, complete, working skiving machine that isn't going to require tinkering or parts before putting to work. if anyone is looking to part with one taking up space in your shop I would be interested. Still considering buying new but thought I would see if anyone was looking to make some room. Feel free to message me or post back here, thanks in advance. John
  12. Ugh... not social media, what happened to the good old days where everyone had a website? Appreciate the info, I'll check them out for sure.
  13. Webicons, thanks for the list. It is a great starting point for folks like me. Any idea where to find info on Feng and Nash Anonymous?
  14. So... I've been buying VB tools for a few months now, as I need something I will order it and so far I have had no complaints. They have been solid, the finish has been an improvement over the stuff I have been using and I have had no complaints. I have mostly picked up cutting tools, hammers and dividers so far, and I have felt they were a good product for the price I paid. I just got in some edge bevelers though and I have to admit (still being a noob to leather work I don't have an extensive point of reference relating to the various tool mfrs.) when I unpacked them I was sure that they had sent me the wrong product. The fit and finish on these tools are really lacking! While I don't know if the comparable Tandy tools cut better or worse, they certainly look like they were better made and assembled. There is no consistency in the location of the groove on the bevelers, none of them are in the center of the tool, there are huge grooves and gouges from the making process with little attempt made to clean them up and make them into a presentable, finished tool. The ferules have burr's on them and just generally do not look like they came from the same place the rest of the VB tools I have. Is this normal for VB? I was considering ordering a set of oblong punches from them as well, but after seeing how they treated the steel on the bevelers I am expecting a very similar approach to a set of these punches. I am ordering a set of Montana bevelers to replace the VB ones I just got, but any advice or insight into the oblong punches would be appreciated. Like most here I suspect, I am a bit of a tool collector but in the end the tool needs to perform the job well, and how it looks is of little importance to how it performs, but for the price I would like to think that they can produce a tool that looks finished AND does the job it was made for. This said if I am missing the mark here due to inexperience please let me know, if not would love to hear of any mfrs, foreign or domestic, that produce quality oblong punches. Have done a few searches on the punches and haven't found much, I see Weavers name mentioned but no first hand endorsement or dings on their product. Thanks in advance.
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