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  1. Hi I'm making some baby booties based on a pattern from this website http://dandylione.com/2014/10/diy-baby-moccasin-booties/ , initially using some chrome tan leather to try the pattern out and then from short fur shearling. I'm quite new to this with very limited sewing experience. I've done a bit of saddle stitch. What stitch would people recommend I use or does anyone have an easier pattern I could use. Thanks
  2. lostcaggy

    Goods Japan

    It's dependent on the value of the goods. Less than £15.00 and should be duty free. Some items in general post above this value get through. Some postage services leverage a fee £8.00 for admin on top of any duty payable.
  3. Caggy is slang for left handed
  4. lostcaggy

    Harness for a lil guy named bo

    Maybe research prong collars first and see why they are so disapproved of. Modern training practices aren't fear based.
  5. lostcaggy

    Secrets from the Workshop

    Finding the video's really useful. Loved the left handed saddle stitch one. The one on cutting leather was really useful and also how to thread a needle.
  6. lostcaggy

    Secrets from the Workshop

    I signed up. Ive only just started making leather stuff. As a lefty I've been told my whole life that I'm useless with my hands so its refreshing to see another lefty making great stuff. would like to see saddle stitch using a pricking chisel from a left handed perspective.
  7. lostcaggy

    Feedback on buyleatheronline

    I bought from them recently. Looks great and good price.
  8. Ive made a couple of wallets so far and am just about to make a small bag.
  9. Unfortunately I’m out of the country on the 18th otherwise I would have popped along. Maybe another time if you are going to something else. I’m also left handed, just purchased my first left handed scissors for cutting leather. I think you’ll find Neil Armitage is left handed as well. Good luck on the 18th
  10. Hi I've just started my journey in leather craft. I'm based up near Peterhead. Which craft fair are you going to. martin
  11. lostcaggy

    Removing marks

    I've just started making a couple of leather wallets and was trying to bevel the edges. I slipped a couple of times with the beveler and marked the grain side of the leather. The leather is vegetable tanned coloured. Is there a way to remove the marks. Thanks