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  1. 3DReefer

    whip stitch

    Agreed. It may delay the liner coming loose but the stitches will get torn up pretty quick and look worse than a loose liner when they do. It appears you either apply a second layer of glue before you stick the liner on to give it a better bond (barge and most contact adhesives actually normally advise to do 2 coats, letting dry to non tacky between each coat, to each surface). Also your stitch to edge distance could be reduced by probably half, which will increase the hold the stitches have on helping prevent the edge from coming free. Normally i aim for 3-4mm stitch to edge distance, with same distance between stitching lines if do double as you have. As well as what is your edge finishing process? A good slicked edge then finished with beeswax and canvas should do a really good job at creating a stiff edge that has the liner and exterior leather sealed together with the wax and be long wearing.
  2. Thats how Barry King makes his maul handles as well.
  3. One big issue with this.. Borax and leather are like mixing vinegar and baking soda.. Leather has a slightly acidic pH level of 4.5. Mild dish soap, on the other hand, possesses a basic pH level between 7-8, and other general cleaners, such as Borax, usually find their way to around a basic 10. The contrast between leather pH levels and the cleaners’ during contact damages leather fibers and can weaken its integrity over time. This leather pH damage is typically characterized by – you guessed it – cracked and dry leather. Just stick with alcohol to thin your dye and simply hit with neats foot and conditioner when your done, or you can even pre oil the leather and give it a day to absorb and dry before dying the project. (normally one of last steps as finish project anyhow for 99% of people for the long term health of the project.)
  4. I tend to avoid opposite directional pockets, as once they stretch and wear in, the cards in the downward facing pockets want to fall out. The design works ok with long wallets since the card pockets wear in much slower in comparison to a smaller wallet where many of the cards may see multiple uses a day and wear the pockets in faster.
  5. Not really. hammer pull should be part of your draw muscle memory. Cocked and Locked is one of the biggest reasons for accidently holstered fires of hammer inclusive pistols and becoming considered very irresponsible in the carry community.
  6. Am I the only one that is completely distracted by the fact that the hammers are both pulled back in these pics?
  7. not a bad price at all for that size laser honestly.. equipvalent machine from commercial vendors that dont even offer any better build quality or options run 3x that expense.
  8. Hit the gear cog in the lower right of the video. A speed setting is there allowing you slow it down to 1/4 speed even Only if using for regulation play
  9. I would so end up like 1 or 2 stitches off center no matter how many times I check and it not fit just right once got around it lol.
  10. Heading to dragoncon 2018 so needed something to hand out for easy promotional items that wont just get tossed out like a business card or trinket. So keychains it is. Function and fashionable. Stamped using 3d printed stamps (post has 5 pics in the link provided since over the upload size here). The skeletal dragon was designed by my girlfriend and just happen to match the theme needed. Bunch of my other work on my instagram as well if curious.
  11. Oooooo what sls machine you have? I'll probably never be able to justify the investment even at current prices.
  12. Gorgeous. Personally id want to see a lot more trigger gaurd imprint tho to hold it in. Doesnt appear much friction to keep it stable. But beautifully done.
  13. It is and isnt. It requires a net connection every couple of months to recertify your login and license, but can be ran offline also. For a while I didnt have internet and ran it, only connecting when it told me it wanted to certify licensing via my phone. When it does get an internet connections it just will sync all your new designs to the cloud server. It in no way requires a constant net connection like any of the browser based ones will. Designs and autosaves updates (done every 3rd or so change to design which is really nice) are all done locally and then sync to the cloud only when you do an actual save point or close the program. If there isnt a net connection, then it just syncs the next time there is.
  14. Sketchup is ok for visualizing. Its mesh creation and export of stl files tho is horrrrible. I can always tell when someone sends me a stl that was created in sketchup as its full of errors and particles that i have to run thru clean up programs a few times usually to hopefully fix.
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