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  1. Hey everyone, bought a Cowboy hand crank splitter, nope, living in South Africa nobody has Cobra and Landis you do not find often. Got the machine, no instructions, not set up properly. What I need to know is where to set the blade in relation to the infeed wheels, cannot get this sucker working, if money were no object I would get the Cobra. Need to get this sorted. Here is a cross cut view of what I need to know. Can anyone give me perhaps a drawing of where the blade should ideally sit in relation to the infeed rollers and relative height! Please, soo frustrated, if it was lighter I would have thrown it out of the window by now! Sorry about the artwork.
  2. Hi Everyone, happy holidays to everyone, wishing everyone a happy HEALTHY New year. To my question, I am looking to buy ( will have to be new, no used machines around) a medium to light duty walking foot machine. I have a Cowboy 4500 but want something to do a much finer stitch! Something for purses, wallets and very small items, I don't do bags. Can anyone give any recommendations, Pfaff 335? What Juki's are there... Adler not really an option, what has most bang for buck? I live in South Africa, so while Cowboy branded machines are reasonable they are still imported, any suggestions folks? Oops will need to have servo and electric needle possitioning. Opinions please...
  3. Hi Claire, note to the wise, recently primarily because Osborne leather tools never responded to 4 emails I sent, I ended up buying some odds and ends from Webber in the UK. I am in SA. I honestly could not believe how much more expensive it was to buy from the UK than USA. I would say shop around. Ideally in the USA, Rockymountain, Buckleguy, Weaver, pretty much any well known place will likely have what you want, ship it in, still cheaper to do that than buy UK, especially tools. That said have used Abbeyengland and some leather places. All the best
  4. I may be too late on the draw here, but I got 45 hundred two weeks ago, and got the in line feet, double and right toe, realized I was sent the wrong one so ground my double to make a left toe only, will order another double soon enough. Bare in mind this is South Africa so things dont get delivered quickly, but my thinking, since these parts are readily available in the US is to buy a couple and see which you like using the most and which produces the best results. If you honestly dont like a certain combination, sell it on to someone who will have a use for it, there will always be someone given the popularity of the 441 clones in the USA.
  5. Looking for someone who also owns a Juki 1508H older model, have some questions for you that are quite specific and will require me to take some pics and send them, please anyone? The machine is not that common in these parts, I could also use an instruction manual? thanks Brent
  6. Hi Tor, I see that the link to the Juki 441 manuals has not been listed recently, if I am missing something please be so kind as to forgive my ignorance, if not, could you please supply the lind again, many thanks Brent Hi Tor, I see that the link to the Juki 441 manuals has not been listed recently, if I am missing something please be so kind as to forgive my ignorance, if not, could you please supply the lind again, many thanks Brent
  7. Anyone using these, are they preferable to say Cobra Type14 and the motor operated Cowboy splitters?
  8. Hi everyone, does anyone have any plans or drawings for a leather splitter, I see the motorised ones are really expensive, so was thinking about having a friend who does mtal work build me one, certainly it would save on shipping etc... I know this is a long shot, but maybe someone has something they were planning on building, would love to get some drawings.
  9. thanks, I got a small pulley in today of 55mil, having come down from 75mil, its almost slow enough on my servos slowest setting, going to try a 35 mil in a couple days. That pulley system which is readily available in the USA is most definitely not available here. How does one take the handwheel off, I have a friend who will machine one up for me in Alluminium if I want? Hi Floyd, thanks for your input, you are right, that pulley system is a must even with a servo, I need to be able to sew real slow, particularly because I am a noob and dont want to ruin my projects.
  10. great work, and pride in work, love to see that someone goes the extra mile!
  11. Hello everyone, ok so I found a Juki 1508H for a little over $500, it works fine, did not have a lot of accesories. So first I bought a servo to enable slower sewing, but it seems that its still not able to go slow enough for say making a billfold, so my question is this, I know after market pulley systems are available in the USA, which by way of an additional belt will slow it down, but what if I get say a 40mm pulley to replace the 65mm on the servo motor, that will slow it down further, BUT are there any issues I need to be aware of? Has anyone else done this? I ask this question because I have never seen anyone else do it, and wonder why...am I missing something basic?
  12. I’m not a leatherwork expert but I know a little about detailed art, those seats qualify as amazing on both fronts, whilst I don’t know you ! I see some perfectionism there! It’s just got that ‘WOW’ factor, well done! I would love to produce work like that, O am sure your wife is very happy!
  13. Hi Floyd, thanks for you input, I appreciate your insight!
  14. Very impressive, thanks for posting, where did you find the Brass closure and hardware for this, to my knowledge we dont have anyone in this country doing that sort of thing?
  15. Hello everyone, Pretty much a newbie question. Having read up on the various machines that are copies of the Juki , I have come to the conclusion that in many ways they are just as good as the Juki, in some ways, but “not quite there” in terms of overall finish and handling. If I understand the whole “clone thing” the original parts of the Juki are interchangeable with those same parts on the clones. My question then is this, would there be any merrit whatsoever in buying original Juki parts and putting them into say a Cowboy or Cobra to improve the performance of the machine in question, and if so, what parts would you upgrade to original parts? I am working in the assumption that the better parts made in Japan may enhance the Chinese made machines, of course, my question may be naive, so if you think that the Cobra or Cowboy could not be tweaked in order to get a more reliable performance please feel free to chime in. Thanks
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