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  1. Really nice - would never even have guessed that it was almost a "renovation".
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the welcome messages. I've got a question for you all: how many of you consider yourself to be "artists"? Now, I know you can say that anyone who works with leather is an artist since it's an artistic craft. But by artist I mean do you think you have genuine inherent artistic ability? The reason I ask this is because when I first started working with leather recently I thought it was mostly all about technical skill. I quickly realized that's not the case - especially if you want to get into the details and not just make something functional. I'm really intimated by tasks that require artistic talent! Any thoughts? Tooling has me scared hahah
  3. Thanks everyone! This makes me feel better HAHHA
  4. Amazing what a little bit of math will do for the finished product!
  5. Can I ask how long you've been making gun belts? Really nice!
  6. Wow - very nice. Maybe its my screen but the color in the second pic looks a little "lighter" than in the other two pics. Was that photo taken at a different stage in the process?
  7. Evening, wow I just signed up and it's a little intimidating to see just how much I DON'T know! Not sure if anyone else felt this way or not but I can tell this is the place to learn. Hello from Colorado and thanks for making this site so interesting.
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